Malicar (Planet)

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System Malicar
Sector Mieru'kar
Galactic Coordinates (94, 402)
System Coordinates (16, 16)
Astrographic Entry Malicar
Type Temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Forest, Grassland
Controlled By Black Sun
Magistrate Vigo Thrall Lothbrok
Population 379,437,658 inhabitants

The planet of Malicar, often referred to by natives as Malicar Prime, is the center of government for the Malicar system. In recent years it became the company headquarters of Shobquix Industries, building off of and improving the significant infrastructure put in place by White Star and Shobquix Yards. The planet features vast districts across the planet, focusing on office towers, entertainment districts, and living spaces. Mining and industrial districts have been kept to a minimum, utilising unique floating cities to take advantage of the vast oceans and reduce pollution.

Much like the diverse cities which cover the planet, Malicar’s climate is rich in diversity featuring twin arctic poles, lush forests, and widespread plains, as well as tropical jungle, warm deserts, and cool oceans that take up much of the planet. The unique combination of biomes is thanks to a multitude of factors, some of which include the twin effects of Malicar II and III's magnetic fields on the planet as well as the polar ice caps and the volcanic activity that counters the cooling effect of the poles. This has turned what should have been a cold and undesirable planet, like its terrestrial sisters, into a veritable paradise.

Calling Malicar home, among millions of sentients, is the Mieru'kar hawk, a native bird of prey which primarily hunts squall and gizka, as well as the Malicar purple-eyed whale which is hunted for its use in local delicacies.