Malicar Asteroid Belt

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Malicar Asteroid Belt
Asteroid Field.gif
System Malicar
Sector Mieru'kar
Galactic Coordinates (94, 402)
System Coordinates (6, 11)
Astrographic Entry Malicar Asteroid Belt
Type Asteroid Field
Primary Terrain: Rock
Controlled By None
Governor None
Magistrate None
Population 0

The Malicar asteroid belt orbiting the Malicar sun contains a vast quantity of metallic asteroids which scatter sensor readings, making traversing the asteroid belt almost impossible, and tracking anything within it truly difficult. As such it has often been the hiding place of pirates and raiders, using the belt to hide from authorities. This often results in the destruction of the ship from asteroid impacts, only adding to the field.

It is rumoured that sometime after the initial colonisation of the system by Black Sun, the Malicar asteroid belt was settled by a small force of intelligence agents, utilising the scattering effect of the asteroid belt to conceal themselves as they watched the system.

Whether fact or fiction, the Malicar asteroid belt does reflect the communication signals of the entire system, including local transmissions, giving the illusion of vast amounts of signals coming from within the asteroid belt. Visiting ships are advised to download a communications patch from the local system authorities to block out these signals.