Malik Crowe

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Malik Crowe
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Haribel Lawson
Father Michael Crowe
Marital Status Single
Born Year -11 Day 248
Languages Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 6' 2
Coloring Caucasian
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Ice Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Arkanian Engineers
Rank A-1
Positions Junior Technician

Malik Crowe aged at 27 was born on Coruscant from his parents Michael Crowe and Haribel Lawson. He was raised as a mechanic by his father. He has since garnered the skills and reputation of a talented engineer. Despite his bumpy growing years involving minor crimes his friends see him as a dependable man.

Malik is a lover of many things including fast ships, good music, fiery women, and a stiff drink. His dislikes are very few but consists mainly that of cheats, and thieves

Malik has been drifting around the galaxy going from planet to planet working odd jobs and performing smuggling operations until he was contacted by an organization offering him work and a home. His story now continues to unfold...


Early Life

Born on the 248th day of year 11 (BCGT) Malik Crowe was the son of Michael Crowe and Haribel Lawson on the planet Coruscant. Malik's family however was only loosely connected by a drawn out series of medical documents, enlistment papers, and divorce paperwork. Malik was born three months premature and this left him to be a sickly child by nature. The many visits to the hospital not only drained the pockets of the struggling family, but also the love that questionably existed between his parents in the first place.

At the young age of 2 Malik's mother left home to enlist in the Imperial Navy as an Imperial shuttle pilot. Malik's father who owned a small repair shop on his home world known as Crowe's Craft came home to a house devoid of love with a letter on the table of the dining room, his wife's penmanship obvious. The letter blamed Michael Crowe for all of the economic misfortune of the family, as well as the poor medical treatment for their newborn son.

Six years later at the age of 8 Malik went through is first tragedy in life. His beloved parents whom had put on an elaborate act of love for one another separated leaving the young human feeling torn and doubting his own future. Due to the travel involved with his mother's career Malik was to stay with his father on Coruscant.

By the age of 10 Malik's health was lower than it had ever been before. Doctors attributed this to his own personal psyche. They believed that he felt responsible for the separation of his parents, and in turn was suffering from severe depression. This coupled with his already stifling health problems led him to being rushed to the nearest hospital ICU after being found collapsed in his fathers low-town apartment on Coruscant. The hospital managed to stabilize and save him, but the medical expenses led Michael Crowe to eventually sell his repair shop to cover the fees. Malik's mother was not heard from.

Five years later at the age of 15 Malik was living the life of an impoverished teenage boy. He was used to missing meals, sometimes several a day, his clothes always seemed to have holes in them and he never seemed to have pleasure money of his own. He was slowly becoming quite the mechanic due to his fathers upbringing. He had nearly forgotten his mother, she may as well have been dead to him, it had been five years. One fateful evening after his extracurricular activities after school he was picked up in his father's speeder by a very drunk Michael Crowe. Not immediately recognizing the situation at hand Malik entered the vehicle with his father. His father in a drunken rage began to verbally assault Malik, blaming him for all of the families troubles. This caused Malik to retort and the fight escalated too the point where no-one noticed the speeder was slowly drifting towards oncoming traffic. Malik couldn't remember much of the crash his first memory was waking up in a hospital with his father crying over his body hysterically sobbing apologies to his son. Looking down at his father he noticed something was missing... His left leg.

Fast forward six years and Malik aged 21 was not the sickly helpless boy he used to be. His depression changed to anger, at his mom, his dad, and his own carelessness. This rage gave his body a source of energy that never once graced him. After six years Malik had become used to his new mechanical leg, he had to admit it came in handy whenever he was evading the Coruscant security forces. Malik had taken to petty crimes such as theft and death-stick pushing to support himself having moved away from his father. His life still felt unfulfilled as he drowned his surroundings out in his alcohol and nicotine habits.

For the next three years Malik worked as a smuggler for various criminal outfits in the lower city of Coruscant. He was enjoying the bad life and surviving off of it, until at age 24 Malik was apprehended by Coruscant security forces and sentenced to two years of jail time for his crimes against the public. While in jail Malik began to detest the human being he had become, he was slowly becoming the father that he hated so much. He decided in prison that he would reform his ways starting by burying the hatchet with his father to start anew. However, upon being released from prison he found his father laying on his deathbed in his run down apartment. His vices had finally caught up with him. His father expressed his sincerest apologies to his son for how he had treated him, and for the accident so many years ago. In a heartfelt goodbye Malik forgave his father and with that vowed to not let his life go to waste.

At age 26 after months of working in repair shops and production facilities Malik received a strange letter addressed to Malik Crowe, My son. The letter was from Haribel, Malik's mother. Apparently she was captured during a transport mission by rebels and had been a prisoner for several years. She had fallen in love with the cause of the Galactic Alliance and urged that Malik meet her in the Mos Eisley cantina in one years time so that they could catch up and see if her son had the patriotism to fight with her new allies.

One year later at age 27 Malik gathered what little belongings he had in a backpack, donned his favorite brown leather aviator coat and headed too the nearest passage bound for Tatooine. Malik was now at the crossroads of his destiny.