Marco Salo

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Marco Salo
Biographical Information
Race Ryn
Homeworld Cirlaphor
Born Year -21 Day 234
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Icy Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Rank Deputy Director of Logistics
Awards Distinguished Flying Cross
Tour of Duty
Interior Service Medal Silver
Directorate Ribbon
Cabinet Ribbon
Interior Veteran
Tour of Duty 2

Marco Salo is currently employed as Lieutenant Colonel of Federation Security Service in the Trade Federation. Marco’s burning interest’s are exploring the galaxy as well as wanting to see as much of it as possible. He knows that information is power and he intends to collect as much of it has he can. Marco is a dedicated and fair leader always trying to get things done as efficient as possible.[1]

Growing Up

Marco grew up on farm on the peaceful planet Cirlaphor with his father and mother both working hard to keep the food on the table and trying to give their only son the best upbringing possible. Being a farmer’s son he was taught early that hard work is the only way of getting ahead in this galaxy, these values follow Marco to this day.

The Death of his Family

When Marco was 23 years old he took Carama as his wife; soon after the marriage she gave birth to a baby boy and life couldn’t get any better for Marco and his new little family. However, this happiness wouldn’t last long, one night when Marco came home from spending the day selling his crop on the market he found his home burnt to the ground. Sadly both his wife and his still infant son had died in the flames.

Leaving Cirlaphor

The death of his family left Marco devastated, he decided to leave Cirlaphor and seek out the meaning of his life out in the galaxy. Said and done he traveled to the nearest city and found a trader. He traded his farm for a YT-2000 and set out to explore the galaxy. Sadly he didn’t really know how to pilot his new ship, thats when he came across a cybernetics “expert” whom told Marco that he had chips that contained the knowledge to fly ships.

The Bad Chip

Marco followed the “expert” to his lab and they started talking about the prices of the chips. They where very expensive so Marco had to settle for a used chip but he was reassured that the chip had been formatted and that nothing remained from the previous owner. Sadly he was mistaken the “expert” who did the implantation of the chip was a fraud and the experience almost cost Marco his life. Marco now carries the memories of the late Matte Starbringer, the previous carrier of the cybernetics implants placed within his brain.

Across the galaxy

Marco spent a few years flying around the galaxy and trying to get over the death of his family. He flew from one corner to another searching for some comfort and trying to find new meaning to his life. Marco remembered his fathers words about working hard.

Joining the Trade Federation

Ministry of Defence

After 3.5 years of space travel Marco remembered a recruitment poster for the Trade Federation that he saw just before he left Cirlaphor and decided to join the government to make the galaxy a better place for all to live in. He signed up for the Ministry of Defence and soon made friends with another young pilot named Mas Rarraf, who showed him how the MoD worked. He somehow recognised Mas from somewhere; it was when they started talking that Marco realised that Mas and Matte had been friends in the Invisible Army. Marco settled right into MoD, feeling like a fish in water, and working hard to make his superiors happy.

Promotion to Tribune and Gamma Group Commander

When Marco had been in the MoD for a few months, working hard and getting good results on his missions he was promoted to Tribune and Gamma Group Commander in charge of the protection of Epidimi, Telti and Thrakia by the Minister of Defence, Centauri Tyridius. Marco felt proud of his promotion and worked even harder to show that he was worthy of his promotion.

Deputy Minister of Defence

After some time as Tribune and GGC, Minister Tyridius appointed Mas Rarraf as Minister of Defense in order to focus on his job as Duceroy for Trade Federation. This became a crucial turning point in Marco’s career in the Ministry of Defense. He was contacted by his old friend Mas Rarraf, asking for Marco to accept the position of Deputy. Marco didn’t hesitate to take the offer to help his friend in the continuous work of making the Ministry of Defense the efficient Ministry it is today.

Minister Of Defence

After serving as DMoD for some time in the Trade Federation Marco's CO Mas Rarraf was offered a position in the new InterGalactic Banking Clan. This left the TF Ministry of Defence with out a leader. Marco was asked to pick up where his good friend left of. He did not hesitate for a second to serve the Trade Federation in new and more challenging way. He quickly settled in his new position as Minister.


After serving the Trade Federation for some time as Minister of Defence Viceroy Morgarr stepped down and was replaced by Jacob Jansen. Marco was asked by the newly appointed Viceroy to continue to serve the Trade Federation as Duceroy. Marco had some doubts about accepting this position, but he finally accepted Jacob's offer to become Duceroy

Chief Justice

Marco's time as Duceroy was really short, as he left it to tend to some pressing personal business. When he returned Horley Cyan had been appointed Duceroy. Marco wanted to still serve in the Trade Federation so he was offered the position Chief Justice, upholding the law and order of the Federation. Marco served as Chief Justice till Year 9 day 220, and loved every minute of it.

Ministry of Interior

Department of Logistics

Flight Teams

Marco led the Flight Team "Northern Light" as a Flight Lead Officer.

Ascension to High Command

Marco currently served as the Director of Logistics under Minister Marcus Justinian.

Federation Security Service

After retiring from Ministry of Interior and his position as Director of Logistics, Marco entered service with the security force inside the Ministry of Defense. Watching the perimeter and patrolling the Trade Federation borders, Marco found time to entice his thirst for information.

Metamorphosis Plague

Transformed by the Metamorphosis Plague of 14 into the Ryn species on Day 25 of Year 14. Prior to the transformation he was a member of one of the human species.

Here is a picture of him prior to the transformation caused by the plague:

Marco Solo.jpg