Marcus Nightcloud

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Marcus Nightcloud
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Deceased
Father Deceased
Siblings None known
Born Exact date unknown
Died Year 17, Day 282
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Weight 100 kilograms
Coloring Dark tan
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation The Pentastar Alignment, The Krath Dynasty
Rank High Moff
Positions Moff Council
Prior Affiliation Rebel Alliance, Black Curs, Galentro Heavy Works

Marcus Nightcloud's early past is shrouded at best, as he rarely, if ever, discusses his private life. All that is know is that he was born on Tattooine, and lost his parents to Tusken Raiders at an early age. Marcus managed to avoid being killed himself, impressing the Tuskan chieftan by daring to challenge him in battle, successfully wounding him. The tribe took him to raise as one of their own, adopting him as part of the chief's own family. He proved his mettle as a warrior, and lived among the tribe until he reached his mid teens. A rogue Imperial squadron attacked and killed Marcus' tribe while he was away hunting, and he spent the next few years tracking down his adopted family's killers. Once he found those responsible, he slew them all without remorse or mercy. He spent two years living as a fugitive from the Imperials, hiding in the desert wastes, surviving by any means he could manage. Eventually, he made his way to Mos Eisley, where, despite his savage appearance, his intelligence was recognized, and he was recruited into the Rebel Alliance by his future CO and best friend Foreseensith (aka Max Fors). Since his adopted name, Mr'cs N'ght'cld, was virtually impossible to pronounce by humans, Max Fors amended the name to Marcus Nightcloud.

Marcus had a bit of difficulty adjusting to life in the Rebel Academy due to his lack of contact with civilization and limited knowledge of Galactic Basic. However, when it came time for flight training, Marcus showed a natural talent for fighter ship piloting and combat, being able to outfly and outfight his instructors. Forseensith saw to Marcus' education and training, and, once it was completed, drafted him into Starfighter Command. Marcus spent most of his career in Starfighter Command, successfully running several missions for the Rebel Alliance and Rebel Intelligence, working his way to the rank of Marshal, second in command of SFC, as well as taking on a teaching position at the Rebel Academy. He eventually grew weary of the political infighting, and resigned in disgust after the controversy surrounding the impeachment of Cyrus Cloudwalker.

Marcus spent the next few years around the Core, taking on freelance jobs here and there, until the need for a steady income led him to Tytus Transportation, and spent approximately a year working for them before the company dissolved. He went back to freelancing, but as the cost of living in the galaxy kept increasing, the need for an income brought him to join the Black Curs. He worked with them for nearly a year, running logistics and city building, before being recruited into Galentro Heavy Works, and, by extension, the Galactic Alliance. Marcus' hard work and talent was recognized by Alex Masha, the leader of GHW, and he was given leadership of The Pentastar Alliance when the previous leader went missing. Although Solarius Masha has returned, his leadership ability and work ethic has allowed him to retain his position of faction leader, as well as earning him a position on the Pentastar Alignment's Moff Council as a permanent member.

He was captured by a traitor to the Krath Dynasty, Iorus Lion, and handed over to the Imperial government. He was tried and convicted for the crime of high treason, and sentenced to death.


Despite his savage upbringing, he is soft spoken, as well as kind hearted almost to a fault. When the need arises, however, he can be as cold as space. He has a bit of penchant for crude humor, and is not above poking fun at those that consider themselves to be "superior", including such notorious people as Syn, Gorn Veynom, and Vodo Bonias. He is very independent and prefers to work outside a formal chain of command, instead relying on his years of experience as a pilot to guide him.


Marcus is a top notch fighter pilot, but over the years has taught himself capital ship piloting and gunnery, and has nearly mastered both. Marcus is also a budding property investor and shipbuilder, offering to build ships to order for less than market rates. He is known to dabble in city design, although his designs tend to come out, in his own words, "Making the Imperial Palace look like it has glass doors."

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Known Relatives

Tobias Frost (grandson)

Known Associates

Alex Masha, Solarius Masha, Vandal Archibald, Spree Razzix, Raven Blackwood