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System X-110
Sector Wyl
Galactic Coordinates (307, 365)
System Coordinates (9, 9)
Astrographic Entry Marharawen
Type moon
Primary Terrain: glacier
Controlled By Galactic Empire
Population 93,973

The frozen Moon of Marharawen is rumoured to be a non-functional Death Star space station.


Discovery of Marharawen

In Year 2, retired Grand Admiral Gorn Veynom rediscovered Marharawen in the Unknown Regions.


Possessing incredible technology on the moon, which he believed was the product of the Sith, he sought out the most capable organization to hand this treasure over to. Subsequently, he sent out three transmissions to various groups in order to find this organiztion. These came to be known as the From The Ashes events.

The frozen planet Grand Admiral Veynom had discovered was rumoured to be a non-functional Death Star class space station. Contained within a computer terminal on this station/moon were the plans to long lost technology that would allow the construction of a new Death Star. According to eye-witness reports there was a ruined defence outpost on the surface of the moon, and a docking bay that allowed entry to sub-surface areas.

Archived Scanner Recordings of the From the Ashes events:

Defense Outpost


Docking Bay 327


Preserving and Movement of the Moon

Prior to Year 7, the Moon of Maraharwen was in the Gand system. Wilhelm von Ismay, leader Cloud City at the time, led an engineering team that developed landing areas on the remaining icy surface areas of the moon. The resources for this endevour came from the Galatic Empire but Wilhelm von Ismay gave control of these landing areas to the religious group Alissma, who were based in the Gand system. Vodo Bonias, the leader of the Galatic Empire at that time, dispatched one of his top lieutenants, Grand Moff Kirov Quel-Droma, to Marharwen to appraise the situation. By coincidence, as Grand Moff Kirov Quel-Droma arrived a member of Alissma, Jacen Boshuu, was visiting the moon. Boshuu had until recently been an officer in the Imperial Army and when questionned by Owen von Ismay, the Galatic Empire's Director of Intelligence, Jacen Boshuu claimed no ill-will against the Galatic Empire. However, with the help of Hal Breden, Wilhelm von Ismay, and the Rebel Alliance, Boshuu was able to capture Grand Moff Kirov Quel-Droma, and subsequently kill him. At the time the details of the event were not widely known because of misinformation put out by the involved parties.

By Year 11 the Moon of Marharawen was located in the Fehern system of the Trax sector. The moon’s surface was split into nine areas, two of which were autonomous and the remaining seven essentially empty but under the jurisdiction of Alissma. The population living on the moon was not large, and access to the moon was through planetary shields controlled by Alissma. Around this time it was discovered by local engineers that the construction materials used to construct some of the moon’s outer surface areas was inadequate, and these areas were likely to corrode away. Kaalif’taa Hal Breden, head of Alissma, sent a Ruetsavii priest, Kuro Neko, to supervise the repair of the affected surface areas that were at risk of decay.

Around the end of Year 12, when the new galactic astro-cartographic survey was complete, the Moon of Marharawen was found to be in the Shadola sector, Baummu system, masquerading under a new name: Moon of Baummu. The moon, however, was not orbiting a planet (there were none in the Baummu system) and from space it was still possible to see the characteristic structures on the surface that have made passers-by exclaim: "That's no moon."

Acquisition of Marharawen by the Galactic Empire

Year 14, day 44: Lord Seele of the Galactic Empire approached Ruetsavii’taa Kuro Neko, who was then leading Alissma, to discuss a trade involving the Moon of Marharawen. Past discussions between Lord Seele and the previous leader of Alissma, Hal Breden, had stalled when Breden had requested an Imperial fleet in exchange for the moon, since there was a possibility the moon could be made into a functional space station and was therefore of great value to whoever controlled it. However, both Lord Seele and Ruetsavii Kuro Neko acknowledged that it was unlikely the death star moon/station could ever be made functional.

"Alissma can either profit from the sale of the Death Star now, or it can gain nothing when it's taken by force later on. That's not a threat, just that I know there are multiple groups eyeing it off due to its...uniqueness."
— Lord Seele

After amicable negotiations Lord Seele and Ruetsavii Kuro Neko agreed upon a trade: the Galactic Empire would exchange one of their own moons from the Wukkar system in the Lytton sector, a Nebulon-B frigate, two Lancer class frigates, two Carrack/S-class light cruisers, and 12 squads of TIE/Ln starfighters for the Moon of Marharawen.