Massassi Mineral Extractions

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Massassi Mineral Extractions
General Information
Status Active
Leader Izzy Marduk
Historical Information
Founded Year 20 Day 54
Political Information
Affiliation Gordian Reach Authority
Industry Mining company

Massassi Mineral Extractions is a mining corporation based out of the Gordian Reach Sector. Lead by Izzy Marduk, Massassi Mineral Extractions is the Raw Material Supplier for the Gordian Reach Authority.



Holographics Y21+

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Holographic Y20

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Gordian Reach Authority
Subsidiaries Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc. · InterGalactic Banking Clan · Massassi Mineral Extractions · Massassi Order · Makers Offworld Medical (Partnership with JOE)
Other Allies Jawa Offworld Enterprises · Cantrell Conglomerate
Sectors D`astan · Gordian Reach
Planets Serenno · Torque · Krylon · Yavin 4 · Yavin Prime · Fiddanl · Yavin 8 · Yavin 13 · Stroiketcy
Branches Administration · Defense · Industry · Public Relations · Massassi Order