Maximus Archer

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Maximus Archer
Maximus Archer Avatar.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Spouse Venona Talita
Siblings Juliana Archer
Born Year -23 Day 52
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.75 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Political Information
Rank Commander (Dark Empire)
Prior Affiliation Novatech Corporation
Galactic Empire
Dark Empire

Maximus Archer is a Dark Lord of the Sith and notably served in Warlord Vodo Bonias' Dark Empire separatist movement. He was trained by the dreaded Darth Knyte and Darth Rahmaka. His true master was the late Samus Augill, a powerful Jawa force user who originally discovered Lord Archer's force abilities.


Maximus Archer was born on the planet of Coruscant and led a normal childhood. His sister Juliana Archer raised him. After school his father wanted him to work in the family transport business piloting one of their bulk freighters. Maximus had other plans though. He went to an ING Communications up-link and joined the Imperial Army during the reign of Emperor Charon. After graduating from the Imperial Academy with honors, he served in the ranks of the Imperial infantry division stationed at Berchest.

After a while, he departed the Galactic Empire and instead joined an Imperial separatist movement known as the Dark Empire comprised of former Imperial High Command personnel and a haven of the Sith. He enlisted in the Dark Empire's navy and attended its Imperial War College directed by Jodo Kast at Bastion. He graduated with the Rank or Petty Officer. There he worked his way through the ranks holding various commands until the reunification of Charon's Galactic Empire and Bonias' Dark Empire. During that time Maximus was a Commander in the Sith Battle Fleet, the Order of the Dark Hand.

At the rank of Commander, Maximus decided to retire for personal reasons and move into the civilian work force. Maximus became the leader of the conglomerate Novatech Corporation and partnered with its founder Ugo de Paynes. Ugo and Maximus had met in Dark Imperial Logistics when Maximus was his Commanding Officer (CO). Seeing great potential in Ugo, Maximus promoted him to be his Logistics XO. Upon a chance encounter with his friend Samus Augill, Maximus discovered he was Force sensitive, and he began his training as a Jedi Padawan under Master Jor El. While Samus became a father figure to the young Archer, Ugo was the one person who Maximus considered to be his only true friend.

Ugo's father had fallen ill however even at that time the dark side pulled at Maximus. He was tempted and could not resist stealing three YT-1300s, a TIE scout, and credits. His theft went unnoticed however due the the murder of Ugo de Paynes at the hands of the infamous Venom Kazvar and Kazvar's takeover of their conglomerate.

Still Maximus continued training as the padawan of Jor El and as an apprentice to the then Light Jedi Master Asaryakatr. The call of the dark side drew him though and Emperor Bonias tempted Samus and Maximus to join the Sith.

With his new master in the force Samus at his side they set themselves on a path and plan within the Antarian Rangers. Samus brought in millions in assets but when he left the organization with his personal assets. Maximus jumped at the opportunity to wipe out what was left, enhancing his assets and furthering his criminal career.

Since that time Maximus served a quite life in the shadows watching, waiting, and serving the Dark Lord of the Sith Vodo Bonias. He trained for a time with the late Sith Lord Terrence Thorne and quickly surpassed Thorne's skills. As it is the nature of the Darkside the thirst for power drove him deeper into darkness.

Now a Sith Acolyte, Lord Archer and his forbidden Twi'lek wife Venona Talita stole away in secret to the Trade Federation to act as a Sith adviser to Viceroy Horley Cyan. He assumed the persona of a Jedi healer as his knowledge of the Life aspect of the Force was great.

In time Lord Archer found himself summoned by Emperor Bonias. Due to a disturbance in the Force, he did not receive the message until months had passed. Maximus continued his ruse as a Jedi waiting to strike. At the same time Maximus begun to learn the ways of Krath integrating their unique force beliefs into his persona. In fact, Maximus had worked with the great Thraken Solo, one of the founders of Krath, when Solo owned Colonial Ship Yards and was an apprentice to Emperor Bonias.

Sure enough his chance came in a production company known as Haor Chall Engineering. Maximus even served as a command level member in the awesome Sorosuub Corporation before it was absorbed into the New Republic. Not everything went as planned however. One day Maximus burst into a fit of rage shedding his Jedi identity. Six beings in total were killed and Horley Cyan escaped the rage of Maximus. Still the attack was a victory striking a blow against Haor Chall and Horley Cyan. Maximus ordered his wife Venona to jump their Carrack Cruiser into hyper space first as Maximus himself stole away in a YT-1300. He collected the ears of his fallen victims escaping into deep space where he rejoined Krath for a time.

Tragedy stuck. His master Samus was captured by the Jedi Master Ava'taar Vird'rnnaa at Kashyyyk while trying to repel a New Republic invasion. This gave Maximus a single focus — the destruction of the New Republic. He quickly contacted Emperor Bonias and offered his service to the Empire or his life as death was preferable to life without revenge against the Jedi.

With a newfound zeal, Maximus rejoined the Galactic Empire. He was dispatched to Bespin almost immediately as a Sith Lord to repel an attack by Kathol. In the end, Maximus was able to capture and arrest dozens of Kathol personnel and also led the Imperial construction process in three cities saving the planet from being lost.

As is usual with the Empire though he was quickly forgotten and tossed aside. Maximus contacted an old friend from Sorosuub, Dark Prince Adam A Flynn and was welcomed into the Black Sun family.

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