Maya Kovel V

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Maya Kovel V
Temperate breathable.png
System Maya Kovel
Sector Moddell
Galactic Coordinates (-182, -255)
System Coordinates (12, 15)
Astrographic Entry [Maya Kovel V]
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain:
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 19,833,591 inhabitants
Controlled By Avance Coalition
Governor Avance Coalition
Magistrate Shor Urra


Perhaps the most unique landmark that Maya Kovel V (Dakot 5) features is the largest lake ever recorded on a habitable planet. Lake Dakot features a luxurious underwater city that many travel to see. The city, made of transparisteel bubbles with leveled duracrete streets strong enough to hold structures, offers an exciting view of exotic glowing fish that are exclusive to this planet. Many collectors of aquatic life have tried to smuggle out some of these precious glowing fish, but few have been able to, due to an effort by the planetary board to keep the fish exclusive to Maya Kovel V(Dakot 5).

Long ago, the civilization of this planet, all humans, were in the pre-industrial phase of development when the planet was rediscovered by Old Republic colonials and diplomats. At first, the natives tried to attack the strange visitors of their planet, but then welcomed the newcomers after peace talks, and were soon recognized by the Republic Planetary Registry. Some natives still call their planet Ter, which was their given name of the planet, but more and more natives now calling the planet by its Republic name, Maya Kovel V(Dakot 5).