Mecrotica Conglomerate

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Mecrotica Conglomerate
General Information
Status Active
Leader Dac Kain
SIC Alysia Kain
Members Mecrosa, Xucphra, Renew, Viraxo Industries, The Mecrosa Order
Historical Information
Founded circa Year 10
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Type Conglomerate
Holosite Mecrotica

As an entity with a long and rich history, the Mecrotica Conglomerate represents a union of businesses and organizations led by Dac Kain. While the sands of time have buried the exact date, Mecrotica has existed since approximately Year 10. Over the course of its existence, it has included several different businesses. Up until Year 16 Day 52 the versatile Mecrosa (Trading) and the bacta-centered Xucphra Corporation (Medical) were the only two members. In the last few years, Renew (Recycling), Viraxo Industries (Manufacturing), and The Mecrosa Order (Mercenaries) been added to the mix. Past members include: Viraxo, Kobola, TransGalMeg, and Outlanders.



Originally, the companies that began the Mecrotica Conglomeration were two separate entities under the banner of an organization known as "The Damned". The consortium of companies under the ruthless group did end, however, as the group dissolved four years after its creation. This dissolution resulted in the independence of three separate entities that it housed: Mecrosa, Kobola, and Centurion Arms. Additionally, The Damned also was a private security agency. It, however, died with the dissolution of the organization of of its namesake. Mecrosa was left in the hands of Dac Kain, Kobola was to be lead by Banquo Knox, and Centurion Arms was given to Navik Ikron. Not all of the companies went their separate ways. Mecrosa and Kobola retained a strong relationship after their departure from The Damned. This relationship was further solidified once Knox bestowed leadership of Kobola to Kain. With both companies under his command, Kain had unofficially began the Mecrotica Conglomerate.


Shortly after the Conglomerate was founded, a medical faction joined the mix: Xucphra. Originally led by Roan Axios, a prominent member of Mecrosa, the company has not deviated from her original vision of providing medical items and bacta to both Mecrotica and the galaxy alike. They officially joined later in year 10. Starting as one of the bacta harvesting groups dominating the economic growth of Thyferra, Xucphra has slowly built both its reputation and consumer base over its lifetime. Prior to Year 5, Xucphra shared sale of Thyferra-produced bacta with Zaltin Corporation in the infamous Bacta Cartel. Seeds of success were planted in Year 5, when the Galactic Empire invaded Thyferra and officially disbanded the Bacta Cartel. The new Imperial government appointed Xucphra Corporation as the sole bacta-producing entity allowed on the planet. Flourishing for less than one year under the Galactic Empire, Xucphra vanished early in Year 6. In Year 10, remnants of Xucphra Corporation re-created the company on Lorell. Calling themselves simply Xucphra, the company joined the Mecrotica Conglomerate and opened its doors to the galaxy as a whole.

In Year 11, Viraxo joined the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Founded in Year 10 by Jaghatai Khan and Slai`fon Zih as Galactic Freightways (GF), it began humbly as a sentient transport business but quickly became a premier multi-modal transport service provider with an extensive team of pilots and logistics personnel operating out of the Abrion Sector. To offer further value to their clients, GF invested in its own ship production and repair facilities to further its range and transport capacity. Soon enough, Mecrosa began sub-contracting with GF to handle smaller transport duties and the two companies found the arrangement was exceedingly beneficial to both of their businesses. In Year 11, Galactic Freightways approached Dac Kain about finding investors to help the group achieve its goal of serving the vast markets outside their sector. A deal was drawn that would have Alysia Kain provide that investment, in exchange for a controlling share of the group's stock. In Year 11, Galactic Freightways officially became part of the Mecrotica Conglomerate, fusing with Viraxo.

Shortly thereafter, Kobola would be founded as a mining corporation to support Mecrotica's growing operations. However, it was deemed too labor and cost intensive to manage - as leaders of the conglomerate soon realized mining could be outsourced for far cheaper, allowing for a larger focus on manufacturing, logistics, and medical production. Kobola would be dissolved in Year 13. In late year 19, Kobola returned to the Conglomerate under the leadership of Bouma Ga'Mon.

Other organizations came and went during this time. TransGalMeg was absorbed by the Galactic Empire in Year 12 and the remnants sold to Mecrotica, only to be further consolidated and dissolved after its purpose had been fulfilled. In Year 16, the Outlanders became part of Mecrotica as a mercenary outfit. Their responsibilities would be later taken over by Mecrosa itself, taking on the role of a security corporation while Mecrosa Trading Company handled the role formerly filled by Mecrosa. Even this arrangement did not last, with Mecrosa returning to its roots as a Trading entity while The Mecrosa Order rose in its place to handle security and defense of Mecrotica's operations.

More recently, Renew, formerly known as Ankh Recycling Enterprises, was one of the Mecrotica Conglomerate’s components. Retaining its excellent management staff, Renew continued offering the same recycling and controlled demolition services. Renew’s fleet was expanded to handle more missions efficiently, with crews able to handle several projects as well as a host of new services. These services included setting up industrial waste disposal facilities to enable consumers to be rid of unwanted goods, as well as marketing their services to the galaxy at large. Unfortunately, Renew was temporarily disbanded as part of a corporate restructuring in Year 18.

Mecrotica Corporations

As of Year 22, Day 267, the Mecrotica Conglomerate consists of six entities: Mecrosa, Xucphra, Viraxo, Kobola, the Mecrosa Order, and the Angry Rancor Distribution Company.


Mecrosa is a trading and entertainment enterprise, while also serving as the head of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. Having operated security, transport, and construction services in the past, Mecrosa has recently returned to its roots as cornering the market with its trading and sales services. Once a black market and casino operator, it began hiring out its fleet of capital ships -- Mammoths and Modular Taskforce Cruisers -- to a wide range of clientele for raw material and fleet transports. Mecrosa continues to build a reputation for reliable and secure transport with unparalleled discretion. In addition to these services, Mecrosa began offering full-service space station builds and currently employs a range of designs to meet their customer's needs, from defense platforms to trading hubs.

The current iteration of Mecrosa is a step back to its roots, embracing the extensive trading reputation of owner Dac Kain to sell goods from all arms of the Conglomerate to the galaxy. Operating out of the Phu Sector near the Deep Core, the company specializes in the continued economic growth of the Mecrotica Conglomerate and its close allies through trade, sales, and asset management. Operating hundreds of casinos, starports, and other entertainment venues generating revenues for Mecrotica operations – Mecrosa has their thumb on the pulse of galactic culture. Continuously seeking out new opportunities for their clients, they blaze trails into new marketplaces and new economic sectors in search of new profits and industries.


Headquartered in Trunska with facilities in Candoria, Xucphra is Mecrotica's medical arm. Led by vratix Dr. Spree Razzix, the company synthesizes its own bacta and manufactures medical supplies, droids, and ships for in-house use as well as galaxy-wide sale. Additionally, the company also has established a close partnership with the Phu Sector University and uses its hospitals for cybernetic operations.


Viraxo, formerly known as Viraxo Industries, used to be the transportation branch of the Mecrotica Conglomerate. As the transportation sector became less profitable, Viraxo changed with the times and expanded their operations into manufacturing and production. Under the Mecrotica banner, Viraxo Industries produces everything from starships to weapons to items – both for internal use and external sales. The constant movement of materials, workers, and datacards to the various production facilities owned by the Conglomerate ensures that the factories and shipyards are never without work. The blood, sweat, and tears of its Director, Coleman Rendar, have grown Viraxo Industries into a thriving and essential part of Mecrotica.

While it rarely sells directly to the public, Viraxo products carry the same quality standards as any other product offered for sale by Dac Kain and the entire Mecrotica Conglomerate. Viraxo ensures that all members of the Conglomerate and its close allies, as well as its clients, have access to all the materials and datacards they require to complete their tasks. With billions of credits worth of technology being produced every year, Viraxo is an integral part of Mecrotica’s commitment to excellence and service.


As Mecrotica grew and began developing more planets, the need and access to raw building materials grew more and more evident. While the Conglomerate initially purchased materials from outside companies, it eventually became more cost-effective to simply form an in-house mining company. With the slam of a gavel in the boardroom, Kobola, one of Mecrotica's oldest dead subsidiaries, was reborn.

The Mecrosa Order

The Mecrosa Order arose to provide both internal and external security services. The Order operates in several business sectors from security, transport, and militia services. In addition, the Order provides a variety of full-service defense stations and facilities. The Order’s operatives are highly trained to handle any situation which the contract requires. From consulting on the construction of planetary defense grids to policing territory during government upheaval, the Mecrosa Order is the superior choice for a quick, efficient response to your security needs.

We are dedicated to guarding our client’s assets and privacy. No matter your current needs, the Mecrosa Order can provide. We will strive to fulfill every contract to our customer’s utmost satisfaction – just like all of the other services provided by Mecrotica. In addition to external security services, the Mecrosa Order also ensures that all Mecrotica Conglomerate territory remains secure and ensures the protection of our clients’ purchases while they are within Conglomerate territory. With one of the largest non-governmental militaries in the galaxy, the Mecrosa Order stands ready to protect and serve in any capacity.

The Angry Rancor Distribution Company

Decades ago on a backdesert planet, there was a small brewery that made cheap local beer. One day while scavenging a broken down sandcrawler, Andre Lauche stumbled upon a few cans from that same brewery called The Angry Rancor. Either from enjoying the aged taste or just liking the label, he decided to procure the rights to the brand.

After tracking down the small town The Angry Rancor beer originated from, he found nothing. The sands of time had wiped away not only the the brand but its hometown and clients. Looking down at the can and assuming that he already was the majority owner, Andre boarded his freighter and left the desolate planet.

The Angry Rancor Distribution Company is initially focusing on its flagship The Angry Rancor beer but it announced in early Year 22 its intent to branch out with other brands, designer drugs and supplements. The goal of The Angry Rancor Distribution Company is to be the galaxy's one-stop vice shop.

Mecrotica Conglomerate
Leadership Dac Kain · Alysia Kain · Spree Razzix · Coleman Rendar · Torak Kruhl · Andre Lauche · Bouma Ga'Mon
Current Subsidiaries Mecrosa · Xucphra · Viraxo Industries · The Mecrosa Order · The Angry Rancor Distribution Company · Kobola
Former/Dissolved Subsidiaries TransGalMeg · Outlanders · Mecrosa Trading Company · Renew
Other Affiliations Phu Sector University
Sectors Phu · Illodia · Questal
Systems Candoria · Dahrtag · Hjaff · Illodia · Phu · Questal · Trunska