MeiLing Zan

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MeiLing Zan
Biographical Information
Full Name MeiLing Zan "Mei"
Race Human(Alderaanian)
Homeworld Unknown
Residence Woldona system
Spouse Unknown
Children None
Born Year 8 (BCGT)
Languages Fluent: Galactic Basic, Alderaanian
Limited: Many Others
Religion None
Quote " Make your own way in the world, it won't make way for you."
Physical Description
Gender Female
Age 28
Height 1.73 meters (5'7")
Weight 160lbs (72.5kg)
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Political Information
Political Standing Neutral
Affiliation Sevetta Conglomerate
Zaltin Corporation
Current Positions Chief Mechanic, Zaltin Corporation


Mei is currently the Chief Mechanic for the Zaltin Corporation. Exceedingly gifted in repairing and building machinery she was picked up by her old-time friend Rylee O`Cuinn and recruited to his cause.


Mei knows and remembers little of her early childhood. She was raised on a working ship and forced, like many other children, into free labor. She worked and received food and board for her efforts. As she grew older on the ship it was proven that Mei was particularly talented when it came to the mechanical things in the Universe. She began to make a name for herself. She vaguely remembers being known as a long number before she was ever known as Mei. In fact, it was Mister Zan, the man that ran the ship that decided to take the very bright young girl under his wing and name her. Setting her apart from all the numbered children around her.

Mei was the go-to girl and she was put with every available mechanic, engineer, and tech-savvy person on board so that she could learn all that she could. She wasn't mistreated, nor was she taken care of. She lived and survived. Unfortunately, the ship was attacked during one-night shift and Mei along with a few others were sent out in a small shuttle. she doesn't know if any of the other people from the main ship survived, but she and the three others in her shuttle crash-landed eventually on a planet. Many of them were injured, and two of them died. She and a boy that later they decided to call Siv began a life together. They scavenged what they could from the world around them. Siv was good at sneaking in and out of places, and so he collected, Mei fixed, and they sold what they fixed back to the markets to make money. It wasn't long before Mei's name became synonymous for good work.

Mei could have stayed a while, but she didn't want to. The place didn't feel like home and she felt the urge to go. So she left Shiv behind and got herself on another ship as their mechanic so that she could go along for the ride. Mei started planet-hopping for years. Going from one to another and never staying long enough to really accomplish much of anything. She learned from people around her though absorbing the different tech and skills on her travels.

She met Rylee during one of those travels, they hit it off well enough, but it was entirely platonic and never went any further than that. They worked well together, but eventually, Mei said her goodbyes because she wasn't interested in staying around for too long. She went back to her nomadic lifestyle, finally able to afford herself her own ship, Mei used her own abilities to get herself to where ever she felt like going. That was until an old friend called her years later with a proposition for her skill set and a job. She took him up on the offer and joined the Zaltin Corp.

Currently, she resides close to her work.