Mezerel, The Pearl of Phelleem

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Mezerel, The Pearl of Phelleem is a Luxuary Colony Space Station orbiting the sun at Jabiim (System). It was built by the system liberator Damyo Kruder originally was a scientific facility to research solar radiation. It was after turned into a Luxuary facility able to accommodate all setients visiting the system or just looking for a safe port.

Mezerel, The Pearl of Phelleem
General Information:
AccessOpen to All
Proton Torpedo LaunchersN/A
Ion CannonsN/A
Ion BatteriesN/A
Heavy LasersN/A
Concussion Missile LaunchersN/A
Tractor BeamsN/A
Turbo LasersN/A
Quad LasersN/A
Cargo Stats:
Weight83,256 T T
Volume16,000 m³ m³
Weight Cap69,380 T T
Volume Cap13,454 m³ m³
Max Passengers340
Hull Stats:
Length230 m m
Deflector Shields700
Ionic Capacity585