Mia DeMornay

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Mia DeMornay
Mia DeMornay Portrait.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Homeworld Tatooine (birthplace)
Siblings Danara (deceased sister)
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Prior Affiliation Loronar Security

Lady Mia DeMornay is the daughter of a wealthy landowner from Alderaan. Circa Year 4 Day 184, DeMornay became the overseer of Loronar Security (LorSec), a notable paramilitary organization affiliated with the King Eldrik Kuraine's Falleen Federation and headquartered in the Beta system (later renamed by astral cartographers as the Loronar system). When the Battle of Beta erupted on Year 4 Day 338 between the Galactic Empire and the Falleen Federation, LorSec was forced to evacuate the latter system after being overrun by Imperial forces. Shortly thereafter, DeMornay denounced the late Kuraine's ill-advised provocations towards Empire and formally severed ties between LorSec and the Falleen Federation.


Mia DeMornay stared out of one of the nearby windows, looking out across the treetops of Kashyyyk, as if recalling things in her head. "Well I was raised on Alderaan and am now twenty-five years old. My father is a wealthy landowner; he's got land on quite a few planets, passed down from his family. Along with that he also does some trading and such, he's has many connections throughout the galaxy. As for my mother, she's a very, well, I guess regal is the only way to describe her, she was beautiful, kind and caring, but she always seemed, well, sad. She's devoted to my father though, and loves him very much. I can honestly say when I was growing up I wanted for nothing, my parents gave me everything I ever needed. I was educated and brought up to be a Lady but I guess there was something missing from my life, something I couldn't quite explain." She paused for a moment, looking down at the table and then back to the window.

"I used to spend many hours wandering all over Alderaan, marveling at the beauty of it, a constant reminder to me that there was nothing more powerful in life, than nature. Thankfully I never needed to work, so I had plenty of time to explore and take part in leisure activities. I also took advantage of Alderaan's peaceful nature; it helped a lot during my martial arts training. I guess I thought it could come in handy some day, plus I found it a wonderful way to relax and done correctly, is so graceful. Not only that, but with the various functions I went to with my father it was a great way to keep fit, we ate well wherever we went. I also had an interest in piloting from an early age, and thanks to my father's wealth, I learnt with some of the best pilots in the galaxy. It was thanks to his money that I managed to build up quite a collection of ships for myself."

She sat back in her chair now, a little more relaxed. "But I guess my story isn't without it's sad parts. A year or so ago, whilst going through some of my parent's legal documents, I discovered that they were in fact not my parents at all, I had been adopted. I went and confronted them about it and they told me after many years of trying they discovered that they were unable to have children, so they had set about finding one to adopt. Their search eventually led them to a run down part of their estate on Tatooine. There they found a struggling couple, farmers, who already had a daughter and had another on the way. They were fearful that they would not be able to cope with another child, as they were very poor. So, for a settlement, when the child was born, they offered it up, that child was me. So I guess, I'm from Tatooine originally, but it's not what I call home. Even though now, Alderaan doesn't quite feel like my home any more either."

"When I learnt of my heritage I decided to track down and find out more about my real parents. It took a while, but I found out that raiders; opportunists that had taken advantage of the lack of security on my parent's dilapidated farm, had killed them not long after I had been taken. However, their first child, my older sister, was left alive. It gave me hope, a link to my heritage I guess. After many months of searching I tracked her down to a bar in Mos Espa. The man who was running it told me that he had found my sister as a child, wandering the streets and taking pity on her had taken her in. He raised her as one of his own, he was a great man, it gave me some comfort knowing that she'd had him to look after her."

Mia came back to reality for a moment, and looked at the others, this time she smiled, a look of joy and happiness on her face. "I managed to contact Danara, my sister, and within the short space of a few months we became very close, we were both very similar. It was as if, at last, I'd found the missing link in my life. However... her faced now turned to one of sorrow. "...after months of talking we finally arranged to meet. I was so nervous, it was as though we'd know each other for years but when it came to it, there was still so much I didn't know about her. Anyway, a few days before we were due to meet, I received a message from Danara's guardian. He told me that she'd been arrested and executed whilst in the employ of the Empire."

She paused and sighed heavily. "Naturally I was devastated by it, I felt so distant from my adoptive parents now. I guess I took comfort in my friends, especially one in particular, Xela, someone I'd met during my martial arts training. Though we hadn't been that close before then, we'd kept in touch with each other, and a few weeks before..." and closed her eyes as if holding back something "...Danara's empty death, I ran in to her on Tatooine and we started to get the know each other better. She was so easy to get along with, and a wonderful shoulder to cry on. Without her, well, I wouldn't know what I'd have done."

She picked up a little now, gave a little laugh to herself. "Well, I shunned my adoptive parents, I guess I blamed them for not looking after my real parents. Had they not been quite so greedy and spent more money, they could have provided them with better security on the farm. Not only that, but they didn't even bother to find out if Danara was all right, they'd just left her fend for herself. It was only by luck that she'd been picked up and taken in by a good man. I haven't been back to them since. I left, taking what money I had, and the ships. As much as I adored Alderaan, I've tried to avoid it as much as possible."

She looked over to Tala and smiled. "Xela and I started doing some piloting work, and then, once Tala had joined us, made a fair amount of money for ourselves, as well as getting a good reputation for our work." She looked back out over the treetops and sipped her drink.

Personal Log

  • Undated Entry:

"My reign as leader of Loronar Security under the rule of the Falleen Federation is over. We have successfully evacuated the system after being overrun by Imperial forces, brought on by King Eldrik Kuraine's unrelenting war with the Galactic Empire. All it took was the taking of one of their Star Destroyers to push them over the edge. Our losses were minimal, thanks mainly to our own competence than the failed leadership of the Federation, not helped by the betrayal of Prince Tholin Dur'aak."

"We had not long left the Beta system when we received word of Kuraine's death at the hands of Emperor Greyson Uebles. Loronar Security is now mine. There's a long road ahead of us in rebuilding our fleet, not to mention our homes. The question now is where do we go? What are our goals? We can't return to Beta. I feel it is now time to move away from the support of the Federation, alone we can avoid the conflict, avoid the death and destruction caused by the struggle for power. And so the search begins."

  • Entry #4564.1:

"Everything has changed now." The voice that spoke was deep and strong. "I've been gone for three weeks, and in that time, the scales have been tipped. The road that lies ahead of me now, is clear, as is that for LorSec. Loronar Security is no more, there is now only LorSec." The noise of leather creaking sounded across the recording, along with a sigh.

"Shortly after my last entry I left the protection of the fleet and the Hera in search of some supplies from a nearby system. On my return journey I was ambushed and taken prisoner aboard an Anzati medical research vessel. The ship was commanded by a renegade Anzati called Parker, his heart was that of pure evil. The one thing I couldn't figure was why they were holding me captive. The impression I got from the ship's captain led to me believe he wasn't after a bounty nor intended to kill me for other personal gains, he had something else in mind.

"Only a few days after I was brought on-board I was paid a visit from Jenton Petty, a former medical officer who had worked for Loronar Security. Before I had a chance to ask him any questions I was drugged. When I awoke, it was into a world of pain. I was seeing through other eyes, hearing with other ears, feeling things I had no understanding of how or why I was feeling them. Still disoriented I was taken to Parker, where he told me of Petty, and how he had stolen my personal medical files and brought them to his attention. It seemed that I had dormant Anzati genes in my coding, most probably from a cross breeding from generations ago, and this posed an interesting challenge for him. He considered himself to be an artist and creator, and so he once he had me, he set about creating. During a lengthy procedure he, along with some other Anzati genetic experts had manipulated my genes, bringing my dormant Anzati genes to the surface. The result was me, as I am now, the old Mia has gone and new one has been born.

"It took days for the full effect of the procedure to become active. The changes to my body and my mind were extreme and agonizing, as was my internal struggle, the battle between the light of Mia and the dark of the new Mia. Thankfully for me, this part of space is not safe, and Parker's ship itself came under attack from a band pirates. I took my chance and managed to escape in my ship, which had been held in the docking bay.

"The medics here have told me that what was done to me is irreversible, at least with their technology and skills. My best hope would be to find Parker again and persuade him to reverse the procedure, however, I have no idea where he or is ship are, or if they are still alive for that matter. The pirates seemed intent on taking everything they could and not leaving any trace of them being there.

"I have given in to my urges, I cannot deny what I am now, perhaps what they did just brought the real me to the surface, only time will tell. But I can see now with clarity where I want to take LorSec, but it seems the road is always full of challenges and obstacles. But for some reason, I'm looking forward to encountering them now."

  • Entry #4565.6:

"LorSec has now been past into the hands of others to look after. I have sold the company, to Markus Harth, former Trade Director of the Trade Federation." A low hum sounds out in the background, presumably the message is being recorded on-board a ship. "It seems that yet again, a new chapter is starting."