Michael MaCleod

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Michael MaCleod
Biographical Information
Race Human
Homeworld Tatooine
Mother Unknown (Deceased)
Father Unknown (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -14 Day 73
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.8 meters
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Tresario Star Kingdom
Rank Minister
Positions Department of Construction
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation
Awards Falleen Federation:

Companion, Legion of Honour


Tresario Star Kingdom:

Colonel, Order of Tresarian Freedom


Michael MaCleod is a member of the Department of Construction in the Tresario Star Kingdom.


Family History

After his family was killed and home destroyed by bandits he wandered around the galaxy taking up odd jobs here and there. Due to losing his parents at a young age much is unknown about his family history.

Early life

Michael spent much of his teen years working as cheap labor aboard various ships learning everything he could in preparation for when he'd be old enough to get an actual official and decent paying job.

Falleen Federation

Upon reading the classifieds looking for his next job a single ad seemed to draw his attention more than any of the other ad. The ad was placed by the Falleen Federation and they were looking for pilots. Always willing to trust his gut feeling that hasn't yet failed him, he immediately applied and was accepted.

After landing on Falleen and getting transported to the Dante Military Academy space station he began his training as a Cadet and eventually made Petty Officer. Michael developed a feeling of closeness to his Falleen government despite only being a member for a short time.

Year 7 day 73: Promoted to Lieutenant.

Year 7 day 161: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander and was knighted by King Aldaris. With the removal of the Lieutenant Commander rank, MaCleod was made a full Commander.

Year 7 day 228: Promoted to Captain and was also made an instructor at the Dante Military Academy. Captain MaCleod also found himself serving as XO of the Rukhar Defense Fleet, which despite it's name was primarily responsible for planetary development. The RDF would eventually be closed in order to start a new ministry which would be made responsible for planetary development.

Year 7 day 272: Promoted to Minister of the newly established Ministry of Engineering.

Year 8 day 34: Elevated to Peer of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar.

Year 8 Day 130: After much internal debate Michael MaCleod resigned as Minister of Engineering and left the Falleen Federation.

Year 10 Day 126: Michael MaCleod returns to active duty in the Falleen Federation following a nearly two year long sabbatical, and given the rank of Rear Admiral.

Year 10 Day 221: Rear Admiral MaCleod is made Secretary of Construction.

Year 10 Day 294: Rear Admiral MaCleod is made Deputy Minister of Engineering.

Year 10 Day 350: Deputy Minister MaCleod is elevated to Companion of the Legion of Honour.

Year 11 Day 362: Promoted from Deputy Minister to Minister.

Year 12 Day 133: In disgust of King Aldaris' recent behavior MaCleod left the Falleen Federation to pursue a career with Tresario Star Kingdom.

Tresario Star Kingdom

After realizing he could no longer fulfill his oath to serve and protect both King Bisz Aldaris and the Falleen Federation, feeling that to perform one part of the oath meant forsaking the other part of the oath, MaCleod left the Federation in order to join the Tresario Star Kingdom, alongside other Federation members that chose to leave at the same time and where a number of other Federation members have left to go to over the years.

Year 12 Day 133: MaCleod enters the service of Tresario Star Kingdom at the rank of Admiral.

Year 12 Day 136: Is made CO of the Department of Construction.

Year 13 Day 37: Inducted into the Order of Tresarian Freedom as a Colonel.

Year 14 Day 144: Promoted to Deputy Minister.

Year 15 Day 13: Promoted to Minister of Engineering.

Year 16 Day 285: Inducted into the Sentinels of Tresario as a Protector.


Falleen Federation

Graduation.png Academy Graduation Ribbon

6monthmember.png Falleen Federation Six Month Service Ribbon

1yearmember.png Falleen Federation One Year Service Ribbon

2yearmember.png Falleen Federation Two Year Service Ribbon

Courtsmall.png Falleen Federation Royal Court Service Ribbon

Defence.png Falleen Federation Ministry of Defense Service Ribbon

Engineering.png Falleen Federation Ministry of Engineering Service Ribbon

Omtpbsmall.png Ord Mantell Build Project

Tarrelutpbsmall.png Tarrelu Build Project

Iktotch.png Iktotch Build Project

Tresario Star Kingdom

TSKuniversity.png University Graduation Ribbon

Medribbon.png Tresario Star Kingdom Ministry of Economic Development Service Ribbon

Physical Appearance

Michael MaCleod is a 26 year old human that usually sports a beard. Known to wear a set of modified and questionably obtained TIE Pilot gear, with the Imperial emblems replaced with the emblem of the Tresario Star Kingdom.


Generally a pleasant individual, he becomes significantly less pleasant when dealing with liars, idiots, and traitors. Does not take insults well. One of his pet peeves is having to constantly repeat himself.

Sports career

Colonial Shockball League

Michael registered for Shockball and began training while remaining team-less after hearing the Falleen Federation's team may be in need of players, though eventually he'd end up joining Tresario Star Kingdom's shockball team instead.

Ku`Bakai Clones

Though waiting in case the Falleen Federals' needed an extra player, it was the Ku`Bakai Clones that wound up needing an player, so Michael joined to help them. Both teams have a mix of players from both Governments, so this was unusual.

Season 3

Michael had an average performance playing as a Wing.