Mindabaal League

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Mindabaal League
General Information
Status Active
Leader Chairman, Photino Friovor
SIC Vice Chairman, Jace Kavdar
Members Drax Industries
Nakesh Alliance Extractions
Preraditi Industries
Historical Information
Founded Year 12
Political Information
Type Alliance
Holosite Mindabaal League Holonet
"The [Mindabaal] League is small yet capable, without too much bureaucracy and law, though both have their place. It seems to be a place where everyone gets along well and fulfills their roles well. The sector and each of the systems under [the League's] control are distinct, and I think that speaks well to the whole."
Elijah Shoryyhn

The Mindabaal League is a small, constitutional corporatocracy which serves as the de facto government of the Bamula Sector. The combined population of the six known systems which compose the league is just over 10 billion.[1] The League was founded with emphasis on the principle of practical freedom, which has lead to the de-emphasis of the league itself politically in favour of each member representing itself to the galaxy; as a consequence the Mindabaal League exists in relative obscurity.



The roots of the Mindabaal League can be traced back to the Pimbrell System during the decline of the Kathol Republic, with Drax Industries' ascension to political dominance of the system. Circumstances surrounding this event first brought together Arkhaios Plaga, Jace Kavdar, and Sharad Waador, three of the four signees of the Mindabaal League's founding documents. Dr. Plaga left before the fall of the republic to serve as Chairman and CEO of Cerberus Corporation, while Jace Kavdar and Sharad Waador went on to become the leaders of Drax Industies and Uukaablis Trans-Systems respectively. After the fall of the Kathol Republic, Kavdar and Waador spearheaded a failed effort to resurrect the industrial spirit of the government in the form of a brief corporate union with organisations such as Creshaldyne Industries and The Freeholders called Malakai-Incorporated; Ultimately only the mining group Nakesh Alliance Extractions remained with the conglomeration. Shortly after the failed union officially came to an end, Arkhaios Plaga was named President of Nakesh Alliance Extractions at the recommendation of Mr. Waador, bringing the three men together once again.


In early year 11 (CGT), new order-ism became the official religion in Pimbrell, ending a millenia-long domination of Pinacism as the dominant faith in the region. Although not a corporation, it was at this time that The New Order was added as an equal to the unofficial partnership of Drax Industries, Nakesh Alliance Extractions, and Uukaablis Trans-Systems. Over the next year, the Mindabaal League largely existed in practice, though not in name. Year 11 marked a time of trying growth for the union as it struggled internally trying to determine in what capacity the league actually existed; multiple planets seceded from the league during this tumultuous time until the leadership of the union reconciled practical freedom with the equality and law necessary to enforce an official union.

Founding Era

The Mindabaal League was officially formed on 24 Kelona, 12 (CGT) with the ratification of the league's governing document, the Mindabaal League Charter.[2] The four original members were Drax Industries, Nakesh Alliance Extractions, The New Order, and Uukaablis Trans-Systems; shortly afterwards, The United Militant Agency for Defense was admitted as a fifth member. During this time, the five member groups controlled planets and systems spread throughout the galaxy, from the Kathol Sector in the southwest to the Trax Sector in the northeast, meaning that operations were often split and many citizens of different member planets had little or no direct contact with one another. This difficulty in communication coupled with very little change in the day-to-day activity only served to keep alive many of the struggles of the pre-charter era, despite the league's official founding. It was only in the weeks and months following Battle of Artherog that the citizens of member worlds realized the importance of developing a common culture. In light of these struggles, and sensing the population's willingness to start afresh together, the leadership of the Mindabaal League accepted an invitation extended by Ellias Aubec to move operations into the recently discovered Bamula Sector.

Current Era

On 14 Relona, 12 (CGT), after great effort by league members and outside aid from allies such as Arakyd Industries and The Avance Coalition, the last citizens of the Mindabaal League arrived in Bamula. As part of their new start, the league as a whole decided to part from religion as an answer to their problems and the New Order was dissolved. In its place Freedom Galactic News was admitted into the League due to its commitment to freedom and broadcasting only the truth. On day 118, year 19 (GMT) Preraditi Industries was officially voted in as a member of the Mindabaal League with all the rights and responsibilities of a founding member, making Drax Whittler and Melwyn Ebonsbow voting members of the board of directors.

Government & Politics

The Mindabaal League Charter encompasses the governing law of the Mindabaal League. Legislative changes to the law are overseen by the league's Board of Directors, which consists of two representatives from each member organisation. Day-to-day operations of the league are executed by individual members with oversight from the elected league Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Society & Culture

Life in the Mindabaal League is dominated by individualism, stemming from the league's emphasis on practical freedom. Citizens are encouraged to pursue their own interests and are expected to be self-motivated. Individuals are rewarded for their own accomplishments and are expected to accept the consequences of their personal failures. The official creature of the Mindabaal League is the Fabool. Famous locations include The Vertex Cathedral and The Royal Academy on Mindabaal. Slavery is considered the most grievous crime by citizens.