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The Ministry of State of the Falleen Federation is the governing body of all internal matters in the Federation.



The Ministry of State is responsible for the maintenance of order and the application of Falleen Federation law.


The Department of Education (DOE) is responsible for recruiting, retrieving, and instructing all new recruits in use of the galactic technology, as well as Federation history, protocols, and procedures. DOE operates the Ichigo Military Academy, which all cadets are required to attend and pass before beginning government service. The Academy is carefully structured and constantly updated to provide new members with everything they need to know to function within the Federation and the greater galaxy. Upon successful completion of the Academy, cadets will graduate to the rank of Petty Officer and will receive their first assignment based on the desires of the officer, their skills, and the needs of the Federation.

The Dean of the Academy heads the Department of Education and is assisted by a number of veteran mentors. All cadets are assigned a mentor who helps them through the Academy program

Sentient Resources

The Department of Sentient Resources (DOSR) is responsible for maintaining orderly operations and promoting productivity. DOSR processes all ministry and department transfer requests, receives and attempts to satisfactorily answer questions or concerns from all Federation officers, and tracks the progress and activity of all members. The Department acts as a general ombudsman for personnel issues.

The Department is lead by the Secretary of Sentient Resources and reports to the Minister of State.

Territorial Integrity

The Department of Territorial Integrity is responsible for maintaining continued government control in Federation territories. DOTI teams work independently of the Ministry of Engineering to build the facilities and power sources required to keep planetary populations and distant outposts connected to Falleen Prime. All proposed building projects in Federation territory is first reviewed by DOTI and must be approved before construction can begin.

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