Miss Leviathan

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Miss Leviathan
Gallo Large.png
Class Freighter
Type GR-75 Medium Transport
Type Upgraded Sublight Engine (+10)
Date of Manufacture Unknown
Affiliation Lilith Delcroix

The "Miss Leviathan" is a modified GR-75 Medium Transport and served in the overthrown Corporate Sector Authority (CSA) logistic fleet under the name "Orion" between Year 5 and Year 10, as far as reports go. In the first month of Year 12 the ship was offered for auction via Centrepoint Marketplace by Orphaea Imperium. The main two bidders became Lilith Delcroix and Bossive Ketwol. Neither wanted to let the other person win and so the auction dragged on for several days. Eventually Lilith sought help from then-Vigo Tar Alaks who was able to convince Bossive to stop bidding. The ship was sold for no less than 136,000,000 Credits, which was over 700% of average GR-75 market price.

Since then the ship remained in ownership of Lilith Delcroix, often used for various industrial tasks in Vorsia system. It was renamed to "Amaranalah" after the purchase. Two years later in mid-Year 14 its name was formally changed to "Miss Leviathan". The heavy freighter is easily recognizable by its unique engines that are much larger than those of standard GR-75, making it twice as fast in sublight.