Mon Calamari Shipyards

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Mon Calamari Shipyards
General Information
Status Defunct
Leader Bink Kaarde
Owner Bink Kaarde
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 245
Political Information
Affiliation Mon Calamari Society
Industry Ship Manufacturer
Holosite Mon Calamari Shipyards

Mon Calamari Shipyards is a name synonymous with unique, unparalleled shipbuilding. Hard times have come upon the planet Dac though, and Mon Calamari and Quarren throughout the galaxy were scattered. Even in the face of hardship, the children of Dac quickly rose through the ranks of many important governments.

Despite the success of its people and an early attempt to revive the company, Mon Calamari Shipyards was but a faint memory of its former greatness. Late Year 9, Trorbneck Sciaa Yalac put in motion a chain of events that would eventually lead to the rebirth of Mon Calamari Shipyards. Trorbneck started the Mon Calamari Society, a racially based association to unite Mon Calamari and Quarren around the galaxy. It steadily grew in numbers and power until the Mon Calamari Council had a vision of resurrecting the pride of Dac once again. Dislocated from their home planet for the most part, they began working with other groups to grow the power base of the Mon Calamari Society in hopes of returning to their ship building origins elsewhere. Slightly more than 1.5 years after the Mon Calamari Society was formed, Mon Calamari Shipyards was born (Year 11 Day 245). And it is home to the shipbuilders and researchers that will once again change the face of the galaxy.

MCS is an economic venture of the Mon Calamari Society.


  • Mon Calamari Shipyards Banner Year 12.png (Year 12)