Mos Eisley Sandcrawlers

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Mos Eisley Sandcrawlers
General Information
Status Active
Leader Captain Mido Walaa
Owner Het Patchateeka
Historical Information
Founded Year 15 Day 150
Political Information
Affiliation Republican Boloball Association
Industry Boloball
Holosite Fansite

Started by owner Het Patchateeka on Year 15 Day 150 in his attempt to break into the sports industry created by the newly introduced sport of boloball, the Mos Eisley Sandcrawlers were quick to win over the hearts of Jawas and those living in the city of Mos Eisley. Their arena, the Mos Eisley Desert Dome, proved to be a wonderful venue to host the sport.

The Sandcrawlers had a troubled start to their first season having had lost the first game in an away match against the Togoria Rakkoons, but were quick to recover. The team came in second place for the Kerdos Cup Championship.