Mua`Dib Xarda

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Mua`Dib Xarda
Biographical Information
Race Nikto
Homeworld Kintan
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Year -12 Day 123
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.2 Meters
Hair Color None
Eye Color Yellow
Political Information
Affiliation Morgukai, RSA
Rank Morgukai Warrior
Awards Unknown

Mua`Dib grew up, if such a term can be used in the "Endless Wastes", on the Wannschok. He learned to use a knife in the back streets outside the Fortress Kh`aris. His father was a Hutt peon and worked off world most his life. His mother died in child-birth. He survived off an insignificant pension his father made from his service to a Hutt. To supplement his income he also made money on the streets through various crimes such as robbery and extortion. This however did not sit well with the local Hutt controller and he was eventually found, beaten, and imprisoned.

In prison he.. faltered... lost focus and became a beast of sorts. He killed anyone who angered him. He was ruthless to those who tried to harm him. Prison was a dark, dark time for him.

One day a fellow Nikto came in search of possible recruits for the Morgukai. The prisons were where the most ruthless and strongest survived so it was as best a place as any to find recruits. It was Diabolus`ut Persolvo. Diabolus saw in the young Nikto a confusion and anger unlike any he had seen before and yet he saw beneath it. He saw a strength Mua`Dib did not know he had. Diabolus believed in Mua`Dib and from that day he has grown so much in character and mind since those dark days.

After 7 years of incarceration Mua`Dib was released. He met with Diabolus, who gave him the means to support myself. Ever since then, day 308 year 11, he has journeyed across the galaxy working to grow in honour and strength. With the best wishes of his Lord Diabolus and a Morgukai glaive at his back Mua`Dib set course for a world unbeknownst to his most scintillating dreams. He always thought of home though no matter how far away it was. One of his most prized possessions was a glass jar filled with the sand of the Wannschok. The smell and texture of the jar's contents always brought the most reminiscent and insightful energies into his mind as he meditated daily before and after physical training. He will return home one day with riches far beyond that of a Hutt. He will control his own ship, his own dreams, and finally his own future.

Mua`Dib currently runs the Nikto colony on Akana with his friend Ayva Kilvaari. He does this under the tutelage of Todor Ginchev and Kurami Jankov.

For several months Ayva and Mua`Dib worked together. A fawning relationship grew between the two and it soon turned to romance. Forbidden by the laws of Morgukai Mua`Dib was forced to keep his relationship a secret from his closest friend Diabolus. Though this pained him greatly he saw it as a necessity. They were to be wed until tragedy struck. During a building war between Black Sun and Raptor Pirates Ayva was captured by the orders of the infamous Banquo Knox. She was arrested and handed over to Banquo by the Black Sun agent Katarina Catra. No ransom was issued and Mua`Dib quickly sank into a deep depression.

Mua`Dib journeyed forth to Tattoine and gained entry into a local Tusken tribe. He had given up his connections to his brother Diab and the Morgukai. He was in too raw of an emotional state to focus on what was honourable. He would have done anything to have his Ayva back. All he could do was run from the pain and devote himself to his warrior skills. Though it was due to his skill with a vibro-blade that he was able to gain so much in the form of respect with the Tuskens. His place amongst the Tusken raiders was that of a foreigner but it meant he could learn from some of the best fighters known to the galaxy. His anger and depression was focused into his martial skills and it slowly transformed into a passion. With every week he grew stronger and better and before long he could best even the best Tusken fighter. They had grown to fear his skill but respect his honour and it was at this point that he had to leave.

He returned stronger than before his skills far exceeding what he knew before. He returned to his brother's arms Diabolus a new Nikto. He returned to the Red Star Alliance and the ever-growing Nikto population on Akana proud, strong and capable. Though the sorrow never left his heart for his dear Ayva he presses on. Ever on into the sunset of his dreams.