Mytaranor Slaving Council

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Mytaranor Slaving Council
General Information
Motto "Eat Moar Wookiee."
Status Defunct
Leader Cirxis Cronossk, Percilia Kajidic
2IC Andrew McHeath
Owner Cirxis Cronossk,Percilia Kajidic
Historical Information
Founded Year 11 Day 285 (original date lost)
Dissolved Year 12 Day 324
Political Information
Affiliation Eidola
Industry Slaving, Smuggling, Drug Trade
Holosite Mytaranor Holonet


The Mytaranor Slaving Council was the slaving group operating out of the Marlavir Sector in the Outer Rim. Mytaranor once jointly worked with the Eidola Pirates on mining operations, employing the use of their slaves in the mines. When the need was no longer there for materials, the slavers once again returned to traditional slaving.

Original Leader Cirxis Cronossk speaking at a Mytaranor gathering

With the new focus back on slaving, they left the Council in the hands of the infamous House Blackscale Trandoshans, led by the renowned bounty hunter Cirxis Cronossk. Cronossk had impressed the pirates with his exceptional hunting record, and as leader of the Blackscale clan, he vowed to not rest until he had enslaved all of the Wookiees.

With the new Trandoshan Council in place, Mytaranor Slaving Council began to expand with many new programs.

Records show ownership of MSC had been transferred to Percilia Kajidic sometime late in Year 12, at which point Cirxis stepped down from leadership and presumably left the organization.

A few months after Percilia had acquired MSC and took a full leadership role, the group collapsed and dissolved on Year 12 Day 324.


Throne Room of the Mytaranor Headquarters.

MSC was officially based on the planet Marlavir, though it was actually operated from a lavish palace inside a hollowed out asteroid in deep space somewhere in the outer rim.