Myyrdral Orinn

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Myyrdral Orinn
Biographical Information
Race Trandoshan
Homeworld Trandosha
Mother unknown
Father unknown
Siblings unknown
Died Y18 D170
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 2.3 meters (above average)
Coloring Greenish
Eye Color Dark grey
Political Information
Affiliation freelance freighter, freelance mercenary
Rank self-employed, for hire
Positions joint freight company owner
Prior Affiliation freelance mercenary, freelance freight hauler

Aliit ori'shya tal'din

Acworcwo anahhowowa ra ohrarcrcahoorc, ohacoo ohahanan rhwo whwohoworc wwoorcrrooaoaowowh rhro wwrcahwowhwac oorc wowhwoscahwoc raanahorwo.

None who knew this fighter will ever forget his bravery, or his rage. Relentless will be his avengers, restless will be his mourners, fearless will be his successors.