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General Information
Status Active
Leader Exo Mirax
Historical Information
Founded Year 21 Day 149
Political Information
Affiliation Neutral
Industry Entertainment

NETWORKRabbit is a news and entertainment company located in the Gordian Reach sector. Its name come from one of the colloquial term used to describe the Kushiban and was created as an extension of the Kushiban community. Whilst no longer actively involved in the Kushiban community it continues to provide an outreach program to support Kushiban through work within the Network and education to ensure the community continues to prosper. As a result, this outreach program has been used by the Network with other racial groups in the galaxy as part of its cultural exchange program. This is the second time the Network has operated publicly having originally formed in Year 20 but dissolving due to the abrupt disappearance of its owner Exo Mirax.


The Network features a number of studios that produce content for NETWORKRabbit.

- NETWORKRabbit Studios - The Network's own in-house studio that produces HoloVision shows (including documentaries) as well as the broadcasting division that produces news content.

- Crepan Entertainment Studios - A former company in its own right, this studio nows operates within NETWORKRabbit producing Podcasts.

- Kushibah Productions - A local Kushiban production company that focuses on real-life stories.

HoloVision Shows

Chad & Stacy

Chad & Stacy (Officially known as CH-4D & 5T-CY) is a Droid Soap Opera set in a small unnamed sector in the Outer-Rim Territories. The story revolves around the love interests of 4 principal characters and looks in at how they navigate the tricky and unorthodox approach to droid dating. The show premiered on Year 21, Day 145 on the NETWORKRabbit holosite. Season One will feature 10 episodes in varying lengths between 3-5 minutes long. Once the show wraps up, the season will be syndicated out to local HoloVision stations. The show was created and produced by NETWORKRabbit Studios.

The Cast

- CH-4D "Chad" - A Battle Droid who has served in the Clone Wars but now serves out the remainder of his time working for the local government.

- 5T-CY "Stacy" - A BD-3000 model that works in a local bar. She has been a long time love interest of Chad.

- KR-5N "Karen" - An older service droid who in Season 1 is the current love interest of Chad.

- BR-4D "Brad" - A Super Battle Droid recently returned from a deployment from the southern planets of the sector. In Season 1 he is the love interest of Stacy.


The reception to the show was positive from fans of the Network. Feedback from the original pilot was taken on board by the showrunners who incorporated ideas and suggestions into the next episode. It was reported that the Actors Guild of Krylon however criticized the decision to utilize droid actors. The Guild felt the storyline of the show was more suited to sentient actors having those roles however the Showrunners stated that the show was a droid soap opera telling a story that would appeal to all sentients and droids alike.

Weekly News Roundup

The Weekly News Roundup is a short 2-4 minutes news segment produced by NETWORKRabbit Broadcasting from the planet of Kushibah. Its news anchor Tracy Ardan updates the galaxy with the latest headlines and the show usually airs towards the end of each week with a summary of events taking place. Due to the length of each roundup out of the six main categories, four are selected to air each week. This is designed to allow for variety and flexibility in broadcasting content.

The main categories include:

- Alliance News - News updates from the Free Trade Worlds.

- Local News - News updates from the Gordian Reach Authority.

- Galactic News - News updates from events happening within the galaxy.

- Entertainment News - Local and Galactic entertainment headlines.

- Sports News - Local and Galactic sporting headlines.

- Business News - Local and Galactic Business headlines.

ASK Marvina

ASK Marvina is a weekly advice column produced by Kushibah Productions. Each week a letter is chosen from fans who have written in to the studio and Marvina provides advice and commentary to help the fan and by extension all those listening with how to navigate through the tricky situations that fans of the show come across. Such topics as relationships, work, personal and bizarre are discussed and commented on by Marvina.



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