Nakesh Alliance Extractions

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Nakesh Alliance Extractions
Nakesh Alliance Extractions Emblem.gif
General Information
Status Active
Leader Photino Friovor
Kamm`aldui`Nakesh (founder)
Historical Information
Founded Year 9 Day 111
Political Information
Affiliation Mindabaal League
Industry Mining company
Holosite Nakesh Alliance Extractions

Nakesh Alliance Extractions (NAE) is a small, privately-owned mining corporation that primarily serves the Mindabaal League. The company headquarters is located on the planet Mindabaal in the Bamula sector. It was founded on Year 9 Day 111 by Kamm`aldui`Nakesh to service the defunct Malakai Incorporated. Photino Friovor is the current President and Chief Executive Officer of the organization.


Nakesh Alliance Extractions was formed by the Nakesh Family on day 110 of year 9. After a short time working with Uukaablis Trans-Systems, Kamm `aldui` Nakesh (Malduin) saw the potential of the Kathol Sector as a niche market and began building the assets and personnel base to work towards his own mining company. With the support of Uukaablis Trans-Systems and Drax Industries, Malduin’s territorial base quickly expanded to include a number of planets in the Trax Sector. Malduin also quickly gained the support of two of his cousins, Miras `eli` Nakesh and Toras `kaar` Nakesh, two wealthy Chiss nobles who pledged their not insignificant assets.

The company has since joined the Mindabaal League to spearhead an effort on the part of a number of organizations within Bamula to improve quality of life throughout the sector, and is led by Photino Frivor and a small team of passionate executives who share a desire to bring economic and cultural prosperity to the like minded citizens of the member planets of the league.

Corporate Affairs



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