New Anzat Sector Restoration Announced

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Posted by: Vong Gin`aal - Organization: Mandalore

Date: Year 9 Day 2 From the Holonet Communication Centre Jerous Communication Centre in Legobas Victoria on Legobas (322, 124) on Year 9 Day 1 10:20.

Jerous (GNS), Coming live from the great halls on Legobas in the Jerous system, the new capital of the New Anzat sector, we bring you the New Anzat sector government briefing.

The holovid image pans across an austere auditorium to a picture of at least a thousand noisy reporters, assorted Anzati dignitaries and strategically placed pike-wielding Mandalorian soldiers in red and black garb. The final view of the holorecorder focuses on three simple podiums of ebony coloured stone upon a raised dais at the room's apex. A central lectern supports the intense red and black insignia of Mandalore, while to its left the crisp blue and white logo of Nikklon Mining Incorporated shows prominently on a second. The remaining podium stands to the right, in muted shadows, adorned only by the faded gold and black logo of the New Anzat Order.

The lighting in the great hall dims, heralding the arrival of an enormous auburn Wookiee clad in a well-tailored uniform of deep black with crimson trim and many medals glittering on his chest. Walking to his left is a cobalt-hued Chiss, tall and handsome for his kind, clad in a uniform of snowy white with powder blue trimmings. His short black hair and gleaming red eyes seem severe in contrast.

The reporters erupt in a cacophony of flashing lights and questions as each arriving official steps calmly to the podium matching their attire. The third podium stands unattended and ignored. The Wookiee, recognized by the transmitted subscript as Fleet Admiral Vong Gin`aal of Mandalore, raises a commanding paw and the room is quickly hushed.

Welcome and please be seated. The Wookiee's already sonorous bass is amplified throughout the large chamber. The audience quickly responds in an orderly fashion as the Mandolorian Admiral seems to appraise the crowd and his forces scattered about. His Chiss companion stands by, glancing around the room as the reporters seat themselves.

We, Nikklon Mining Incorporated and the forces of Mandalore, are here today to officially declare Operation: Anzati Freedom a consummate success! As many of you already know, the New Anzat Sector and many out-lying worlds, formerly trapped under the tyranny of Wilhelm von Ismay have been liberated. The Admiral pauses as he continues to scan the audience. In particular, the homeworlds of the Nimbanel, the Zeltros, the Noghri and just recently the Siniteen have now been freed.

Gesturing respectfully to the Chiss at his side he continues. This was a joint-effort, which was orchestrated with the intelligent and well-trained forces of Nikklon Mining Incorporated. The Mandolorian Wookiee nods respectfully to the dark blue humanoid at his left, which the Holonet subscript identifies as Typhon Corbin, Vice President of NMI.

However the main reason we're here today is to announce the restoration of the New Anzat Sector's economy by opening the Jerous system as a Trading Hub. Friendly parties are invited to contact NMI and Mandalore to establish a presence in the Jerous system. Additionally, any mining companies interested can contact us for permission to prospect and extract raw materials here as well.

Now I'm a soldier, not a politician, so we'll spare you any long flowery speeches. The previous regime has left us with too much work ahead to waste time with such nonsense. We will, in interest of fair and open government, entertain a few questions from the Media. Vice President Corbin of NMI is also making himself available for interrogation, The Admiral grins amiably. or rather, questions.

The reporters surge to their feet, shouting out questions before Admiral Vong nods to an eager young Nautolan female.

Admiral, does this mean NMI and Mandalore are now, officially, allies?

No. The Wookiee states without hesitation. Mandalore and Nikklon Mining are simply cooperating in a joint venture of mutual interest. The Admiral proceeds to choose another reporter, recognizing a human male with a ruddy complexion.

Can you give us any details as to how foreign investment will be managed?

A building council comprised chiefly of Mandalore and NMI authority will coordinate interested, friendly parties. These investors would have to cover the cost of any new city slabs, which would stay under the authority of NMI and Mandalore for security reasons. Otherwise, we intend on being quite flexible and we invite any interested parties to contact us for more information. Answers Vice President Corbin.

A quiet murmur goes through the crowd at the Chiss's declaration. The reporter's gallery erupts with raised limbs and calls for attention. With a deep sigh, the Admiral gestures to another reporter, a female Bothan clutching a recorder in one hand and a datapad in the other.

Fleet Admiral Gin`aal. Isn't Mandalore presently in negotiations with the New Anzat Order?

No. The great Wookiee replies coolly. Not any longer. Negotiations were attempted and summarily refused by the New Anzat Order, or rather by Wilhelm von Ismay. While Mandalore and NMI temporarily ceased hostilities in the interest of peaceful negotiations, Wilhelm's forces attacked Adriel. We were forced to withdraw our offer after waiting more than 2 weeks for Wilhelm's reply because of the NAO's attempt to retake the Adriel planet. The NAO officer Chief Lesley Aspey, who was coordinating the insurgency, along with hundreds of NAO insurgents were captured by Mandalore and NMI. The NAO replied by executing Mandalore and NMI POWs. Upon receiving this news, Chief Aspey was tried, according to Mandalorian military laws, sentenced to death and executed alongside with several other POWs.

The NMI’s Chiss representative speaks over the new outburst of reporters' questions with an additional response. It's important to note that even though the NAO continued to attack us while we were trying to negotiate a peace treaty, we still left the deadline open. We, the coalition forces of NMI and Mandalore, keep our word, even when Wilhelm von Ismay and NAO does not. It was also von Ismay that drew first blood by ordering the execution of civilian POW's.

Reporters respond with expected frenzy, until the Admiral recognizes another of their number.

Admiral Vong, what exactly did Mandalore and NMI offer the New Anzat Order?

The Wookiee Admiral smiles menacingly as he looks down upon the pale human.

The Anti-NAO coalition would withdraw from the New Anzat Sector in return for all NAO assets in the Core, Outer Rim-B3, Kessel and Allied Tion. The material assets proposed in the exchange were worth approximately the same amounts but to even it out a single Kaloth Cruiser datacard was also requested. It was hoped that this would give Wilhelm a chance to finally focus on the responsible management of a single sector, benefiting not just himself but the citizens of the New Anzat Order and the New Anzat Sector as well. However, the NAO rejected this proposal and the offer is no longer on the negotiations table

After a moments breath, the reporters compete to be the next chosen. An image of VP Corbin standing proudly with the hint of a suppressed amusement can be seen before the focus is reset on the Admiral who is selecting another human, this one was a young female dressed in the elegant fashion of a Hapan.

My question is for Vice President Corbin. Sir, can you tell us exactly what role NMI played in this Operation?

I'd be happy to, The Chiss smiles. but first I'd like to emphasize again that Nikklon Mining attempted numerous times to negotiate in good faith with the New Anzat Order prior to any hostilities. Each attempt was met with simple-minded aggression and no small measure of ineptitude. The Chiss calmly pauses before he continues.

It was NMI, in concert with Mandalore, who began Operation: Anzati Freedom. We began the operation by securing the Lianna system, followed by Twanton, the formerly hidden system of Jerous, and eventually the New Anzat sector itself. Our most recent actions have left us in control of the Kessel sector as well. This doesn't include the dozens of other planets we've taken.

But isn't NMI just a mining company? - argues the same reporter.

The Chiss smiles slightly. I hope our success against the NAO proves otherwise.

While the reporters vie for selection the crowd begins to whisper among themselves. The holovid pans trying to capture some sense of overall mood of the audience, when the Admiral calls for another question and selects an attractive blond human female. The woman asks her question rather haughtily.

This question is for either the 'Admiral' or Vice President Corbin. Both Mandalore and NMI seem to have had great difficulty in dealing with the New Anzat Order. Could you share some of the specific issues you encountered?

The Mandolorian Admiral shakes his furry head ruefully, apparently amused by this question, and glances to his Chiss counterpart who nods grimly in response. Turning his attention to the audience, VP Typhon Corbin speaks.

Reports of Wilhelm's incompetence are proving to be true. Some have speculated that this is due to an addiction to ryll. Unfortunately, his failings are far more premeditated. The Chiss official's brow creases with disdain as he continues. It will come as no surprise to the well-informed that Wilhelm has become a mere puppet of the Tamerin 'Family' and consequently the whole NAO government has been corrupted by it. Combine this with Wilhelm's megalomania and lack of honour, plus the desperate situation he's lead the New Anzat Order into, and you should have an idea of the difficulties we experienced in negotiations.

The reporters seemed subdued for a moment by the Chiss's candidly scathing reply until the Mandalorian Admiral quickly speaks.

We have time for one more question. There is still much work yet to be done, and I know I speak for Vice President Corbin as well when I say that we need to be getting back to it.

While the reporters desperately vie to be the last chosen, the Mandalorian Wookiee selects the final questioner, a young Anzati male.

Admiral; There are rumours that NAO lost their key officials recently. Can you clarify this?

Yes. The massive Wookiee replies simply. Several NAO members, including their former Ambassador Robin Skorzeny and a high-ranked officer of Anzatan People’s Guard, Hooper have resigned NAO after their homeworlds declared independence from NAO. The Admiral glances to his podium for a brief moment. I like to also mention just recently the liberation of Sinite was welcome with enthusiasm. One of our most talented MandalMiners, Atir Markar, is a Siniteen and he is quite happy that his homeworld has overthrown the government of the NAO.

In response to this announcement, reporters cry out additional questions while the Wookiee Admiral again raises his paw for silence. Further details are classified, though the galactic population should soon see the results of our efforts there.

I think that's enough for now. As I've said, there is still much to be done. He smiles warmly at the audience. I would like to repeat our invitation to those governments, corporations and organizations that would like to join Mandalore and our good friends at NMI in developing the previously untapped economic prosperity of the Jerous system. This system, these people, have much to offer. And now they are free to do so.

Looking to the Chiss at his side, the Admiral raises a hirsute brow inquisitively. Nodding, the Chiss commander speaks once again to the audience, smirking slightly.

On behalf of all of us at Nikklon Mining, I'd like to extend heartfelt thanks to Wilhelm von Ismay. Without him, our collective efforts during Operation: Anzati Freedom wouldn't have been so successful. We will be constructing a statue in his honour on the planet Legobas for his assistance in this operation.

Once again the reporters erupt in a wave of vainly shouted questions as the Chiss and Wookiee dignitaries turn to shake hands and the holovid image pans out.

This has been a live transmission from the Halls of the new Capital of the Mandalore Controlled Anzat Sector on the planet Legobas in the Jerous system. We now return you to your regularly scheduled media.


New Anzat Sector Restoration Announced on the Galactic News Service