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The position of Grand Historian of the New Republic was officially created by Chief of State Zeff Traner on Year 10 Day 65. The New Republic took in great consideration their past experiences which led to its creation, and to fulfill this need a dedicated office was felt necessary.

When this office was created it was included within the framework of the Ministry of Culture, and there remained until Year 12 Day 1, when the Ministry of Culture was renamed into Ministry of Civil Engineering and the office was moved under the Ministry of State. The office is tasked with collecting past information contained in archives, interviewing people involved in remarkable events worth of notice, and writing on historical facts or characters.

Nat Dues was appointed as first official Grand Historian, and he did a great job in gathering the scattered history of the New Republic, and turning it into a cohesive and pleasant-to-read body of literature.
He was followed by the longest serving Historian named Ruben Wan. In his time as Historian he was involved in many projects including the Galactic Museum which gained galaxy wide recognition. Still present with the New Republic he is often approached for his deep knowledge of galaxy history.
After his stepped down Jansen Blakenshire succeeded him in Year 13 Day 311. There is not much known about his work as Historian but those that remember know that he went deep into archives to locate information that might be valuable.

The current and fourth Historian is Ubisa Vrand who was appointed on to the position on Year 16 Day 319.

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