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The New Republic military is responsible for the formidable armed forces of the Republic. It's one of the largest branches and is at the forefront in the fight against the Imperial Regime. It consists of three sub-branches: Naval Command, Army Command, and Starfighter Command.



The New Republic Military is lead by the Chief of Military Operations.

Chief of Military Operations
Sin Solas

Army Command

right The Army is the planetary offensive and defensive force of the New Republic. It's main task is to secure buildings on planets and protect the life of it's sentients. The military command is further separated into Infantry, Mechanised, Air Support, Logistic and Medical.


Chief of Army Command
High General Robert Derr
Deputy Chief of Army Command
General Torc Tarmin

Naval Command

right The Navy Officers command capital ships and are responsible for securing systems and sectors.


Chief of Naval Command
High Admiral Josh Jericho
Deputy Chief of Naval Command

Starfighter Command

right SFC members fly Starfighters and provide cover for the Army and support the Navy.


Chief of Starfighter Command
High Marshal
Deputy Chief of Army Command
Vice Marshal Mami Ogawa

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