Nicholas Piega

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Nicholas Piega
Nicholas piega.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Coruscanti
Homeworld Coruscant
Mother Myra Siloun
Father Baden Piega
Spouse None
  • Alder Piega
  • Kenrich Piega
  • Venn Piega
  • Faine Piega
  • Skylar Piega
Children None
Born Year -10 Day 80
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.86 meters
Hair Color Brown - light brown
Eye Color Light gray - blue
Political Information
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Positions Command Flight Sergeant Imperial Navy
Prior Affiliation None
Awards secret


Nichola's is a young man, around 21 years old. With short brown hair, rather white skin and a short beard. With an strong body trained to be able to support the hard space life. He's 1.86m tall and weights 70 kilos.

He usually wears good clothing, using mainly dark colours combining them with clearer ones. He mostly uses Coruscanti and Alderaanian designs.

He starts the day with a good breakfast and goes to do his obligations. He likes big cities, though he still likes to relax in plain areas, such as desserts, plains or woods. He usually vacations in Alderaan, still he visits other vacations spots.


Youth and pre-work

Nicholas was born in Coruscant, in the Kansen District (a zone of the Planet-City). He spent his youth in an accommodated zone of the planet. Back then the life was not a problem for him. He spent many of his vacations on Alderaan and sparely in Naboo. He was fascinated by the Imperial Palace (the Empire rised a few years before he was born) and the political buildings, since then he was interested in working for the Empire.

His father is a very known politician in his original planet Curuscant, and his mother helps him. Nicholas got inspiration from him to start his studies. He started studying at the Curuscant School, to enter then to the famous Curuscant University, where he developed his abilities in commerce, politics and engineering.11

He's an intrepid young man, so when he was bored of the monotone life in Coruscant, he decided to explore the universe and work as a businessman, politician, pilot and engineer. When he finished college he started his journey.

Imperial beginnings

After travelling across Coruscant Sector doing small jobs, Nicholas finally decided what he wanted to do with his life. He returned to Coruscant planet to start working for the Empire, with objectives of government and power.

He finished the training programme and finally entered the Navy.

He didn't had many missions at the beginning, but times changed and he finally got some skills at prospecting for the Empire, this would help him to achieve his later wishes.

Imperial settlement

After the slow beginning, his fleet started working harder and, with some new members, it changed completely. One of the first assignments he was ordered during this period was to scan some sectors for the Empire, as well as to escort some ships and give a ride to new recruits once in a while.

Weeks later his fleet was ordered to develop the Corba's system, and for this, he moved his main residence to planet that system.