Nirvana Novaborn

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"Your mine now...your will is my own...together we will descend into the Sea of Memory..."
— Nirvana to her victim.
Nirvana Novaborn
Biographical Information
Race Anzat
Homeworld Anzat
Mother Unknown
Father Unknown
Spouse None
Siblings None
Children None
Born Unknown
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 1.67 meters
Coloring Red
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation None
Rank None
Positions None
Prior Affiliation None
Awards Currently None

Nirvana Novaborn is an Anzat female of 975 years. Like all Anzati she roams the galaxy in search of "soup", the life essence of other sentient beings.

The Itch

Anything about Nirvana's childhood is unknown. Like all Anzati she left her homeworld when she was 100 to begin her life hunting for "soup". As the centuries past, she honed her craft at feeding, learning how to strike unseen and unheard. She loved feeding, reveling in the fear and sorrow of her victims, and was a known to keeping her victims around as long as possible. With time she has learned to control her "itch" to feed, though she is constantly looking for a prime sentient to feed on. Her ability to break the will of others has also grown incredibly strong, demonstrated by the fact that she has fed on a powerful Sith, and a Dark Jedi responsible for the occupation of a world once ripe with Phi artifacts.

Lonesome Wanderer

"Man: Who...WHAT are you?!

Nirvana: your nightmare baby, that little scream in the back of your mind when you walk into a dark room...The hand around your throat. But baby, you can call me Death..."

— Nirvana

In the centuries she has been alive, she has had two loves; "soup" and Galactic history. Nirvana has spent countless years studying the Sith of old, Gree, and an ancient civilization called Phi. Nirvana could be considered the leading authority on Phi culture and civilization, though few scholars in the galaxy have heard of the Phi or taken them seriously. Nirvana has spent her life gathering artifacts from countless planets across the Galaxy, and has collected a impressive number of Phi religious artifacts. Nirvana is a very adapt martial artist, very deadly in a close combat situation. Her years of preying on other races have also given her a decent understanding of the medical field. She has lived many different lives, many of which have rewarded her skills of use later in life.

A Heart of Stone

"For the last seconds of your life, look into my eyes. Tell me, do you see the Void?"
— Nirvana to her victim.

Nirvana is not known to be loving, or kind. Though it is not to say she is an "evil" being. The coupled fact that she views others as "prey" and has lived for more then nine hundred years has lead her to simply grow uninterested in the "value of life". Nirvana is quite, reserved and mostly an isolationist, preferring to stay as unnoticed as possible.