Nitocris Baivan

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Nitocris Baivan
Nitocris profile.jpg
Biographical Information
Race Diathim
Homeworld Millius Prime
Physical Description
Gender Female
Height 2.75 Meters
Political Information
Affiliation New Republic
"A racing legend in the making!"
— Bram Dupol on Nitocris

Nitocris Baivan is a Diathim hailing from their homeworld of Millius Prime. Much of her early life is unknown due to amnesia caused by a near-fatal Acklay attack on Year 18 Day 79. A known Force user, Nitocris had devoted her life to the healing aspects of the Force and to being a student of the Force. With little need for material objects, Nitocris owns seldom more than her one-of-a-kind Crescent X-9.

The Attack

The only picture of Nitocris before the attack.

On Year 18 Day 79, Nitocris Baivan awoke on a Crescent X-9 with complete amnesia. Upon waking up, Nitocris is greeted by a holographic version of the ships AI. Despite the AI's best efforts, it was unable to provide proper medical attention. It was, however, able to inform Nitocris of what happened. She had been attacked by an Acklay while attempting to board her ship. The AI had lowered the ships temperature in an attempt to preserve her, and it had sent out a series of distress signals.

After a few days of little to no recovery, Nitocris was greeted by a friendly face in Dr. Lorien Grey of Centrepoint Medical. Nitocris reaches Centerpoint Medical Station in rough shape, nearly frozen to death because of her ship, but is still alive. Dr. Grey is able to save the Diathim with no long-lasting effects. Nitocris reveals her amnesia to the doctor, but Lorien reveals that the amnesia is not a big worry and that it may just be a side effect of the near-fatal attack.

Life Afterwards

"If you are tired, take a nap."

When Nitocris was released from the hospital, she returned to her ship, still with no knowledge of her life before the attack. She began to look for work, not knowing whether or not she had a job before. Nitocris was working for many months as a freelance pilot before she was given a long-term piloting contract. For the contract, she was just required to do simple tasks for her employer, everything from moving ships to retrieving gear. Over months, the jobs got bigger and bigger as her employer began to trust her more. During all this time, he began to notice strange things about Nitocris. After months of working together, her employer voiced his concerns about these strange things that Nitocris was able to do. He suggested that she should be tested for her connection to the Force.

"Winning a race does not mean finishing first. It means giving the best of yourself."

When she asked where she could be tested, her employer suggested that he could test her. He had kept his connection to the Force a secret from her, but she did not blame him for it. The results came back positive, and Nitocris agreed to be a Padawan to her employer, now Master. She followed her master into the New Republic. She took a civilian job with them, and mainly sticks to herself and her master.

Racing Career

Nitocris first discovered her love of racing when participating in Krieg's Run in Year 18. She was unable to place, but did thoroughly enjoy herself while racing. But despite the thrill and adrenaline rush she received, she decided that ship racing was not her forte. She chose instead to race planetside for the rest of her racing career. Nitocris is the winner of two different races put on by the New Republic at annual Swap Meets, one in a pod racer and one on a swoop bike.