Noah Hatfield

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Noah Aedan Hatfield
Biographical Information
Race Kiffar
Homeworld Kiffu
Clan Clan Vel
Mother Iaya Vel - Biological
Kathilin Thurith - Adoptive
Father Socharis Thurith - Adoptive
Marital Status Married
Siblings Colton Hatfield - Half Brother
Dain Thurith - Adoptive Brother
Born Year -18 Day 101
Languages Galactic Common
Jawa Trade Language
Religion Zhellic
The Force
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.82 Meters - 5'10"
Weight 85.7 Kilos - 189LBS
Coloring White
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Political Information
Affiliation Blue Star Dominion
Title Ghost Blue Star Dominion
Consul Clan Vel
Vicar Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Knight Jedi Order
Rank Warden
Positions REDACTED
Prior Affiliation New Republic
Zhellic Ecclesiarchy
Jedi Order

Noah Hatfield is a Kiffar male, hailing from Kiffu in the Azarbani System. Serving in various roles among multiple organizations across the galaxy has allowed him to learn trades and skills ranging from mining in asteroid fields to guerrilla warfare to giving final rites as a priest. During his years growing up Noah witnessed just how tyrannical the Galactic Empire truly was, and how their lapdog mercenaries and crony crime lords could be even worse. This resulted in driving a deep sympathy for the New Republic and their cause within him. As an adult Noah dedicated himself to seeing the Empire destroyed and the galaxy liberated. He presently serves within the Blue Star Dominion along side his comrades as a Dominion Ghost.

Early History

Child of Kiffu

Age 5 to 8
Those Kiffar that have chosen to remain on Kiffu have a bond with the planet, almost like a child and its mother, and they would laydown their lives to defend it against any foreign or domestic danger to it. Its rumored that this connection starts at birth and remains for life no matter the distance between. No outsider could ever relate, and most Kiffex clans think the Kiffu clans inbred madmen for staying given the nature of the planet. For those who devote their lives to Kiffu's defense they are rewarded with scorching temperatures that can kill, barren soil devoid of nutrients for farming, carnivorous species that just randomly appear, constant land slides, earthquakes and the random volcanic eruption as well. If that was not enough, the two planets every so often orbit close enough that massive lightning storms form capable of hundreds of strikes per minute. Despite this, those clans that choose to remain here see the planet as part of a unified sprit that connects all Kiffar and they have found ways to survive and make due even in those harshest of conditions. So much so that they give birth and raise children, some without ever leaving. As a child the two biggest things needed for survival is to be fast, and to think fast. Those found lacking in either area just don't make it, but those that do can count themselves a part of an incredibly small and unique group of sentients in the galaxy. Noah Hatfield (Born Sevok Vel) and his half brother Colton Hatfield (Born Cyr Lvelk) looked at it as a badge of honor when they were young. Noah's mother gave birth inside of her apartment at the Sunken City on Kiffu with only an outdated medical droid giving prompts. Not because the clans on Kiffu did not have access to medical treatment, but because Noah's bloodline placed him and her at risk. It was a public secret that she was the mistress of the Console of Clan Vel, Zyksn Vel, but no one was sure who's child she carried. Should word ever get out that the Vel lineage that had stood for over 1000 years had been split into another family, a lower class family, such a thing would surely be eliminated at all sources. It was better the clan call Noah a bastard and her a whore, and so that is the way it went for many years.

Around age 5 Noah began his education through a system similar to a public school which the clan hosted for all children within the clan. In addition to this Iaya was obtaining anything and everything should could to give Noah at least some level of galactic standard knowledge so that he could one day flee the planet and be able to survive outside of the Clan. Her idea worked out well to start, but as Noah grew older his understanding of the galaxy and how things worked began surpassing those in his age group tremendously. There were even a few incidents of him disagreeing with his teachers about the clans isolationist ways of life. While the rest of the kids were learning primitive methods to surviving he was learning words of foreign languages. Upon reaching 8 Noah had passed up his class and the two ahead of him for quite some time. Iaya was now having to try to teach him to be more like his peers, and act like a Clan Vel Kiffar but in her heart she could not have been more happy with him. After a while Noah was able to "act normal" when around others in the clan, and more so began enjoying that aspect of his life just as much as learning about those outside of Kiffu. Hunting became a passion for him, and he would often times sneak out to watch the clan's warriors train with one another. Somethings just cannot be taken out of Kiffar blood.

One of the datadiscs Iaya had smuggled in for Noah

Marked into the Clan

Age 8 to 13

Blood Given, Blood Taken

Age 13 to 17


Obligation to Defend

Age 17 to 20

Will of the Gods

Age 20

A Fleeting Prayer

Age 20

Death's Blessings

Age 20 to 21

Playing the Ace

Age 21 to 22

That's an Order!

Age 22

Recent History

A Master, Need One

Age 22

Foolish Pride

Age 28

The Prodigal Son

Age 28 to 30

Lead or Bleed?

Age 30 to 33

The Lost

Age 33 to 35

Current Events

And Found

Age 35 to 36