Nochbo Kitol

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Nochbo Kitol
Biographical Information
Race Sanyassan
Homeworld Sanyassa
Mother Unknown (Deceased)
Father Unknown (Deceased)
Spouse None
Siblings Siejo Kutol (Adopted Brother)
Children None
Born Year -13 Day 62
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Hair Color White
Eye Color Black
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Alliance, Hawkbats
Positions Mercenary

Nochbo Kitol is one of the few Sanyassan Marauders seen actively working in the Galaxy. His parents wanted him to see the galaxy when he was young, so he would be able to grow to be more then some grunt mercenary like most of his kind. He was off-world when his parents were killed during a civil war. That changed his life, and lead him to grow up away from his people on Glee Anselm with some family friends. While all his parents wanted him to become is cultured, try as they did, Nochbo couldn't resists is natural instincts and grew to become a strong warrior and mercenary for hire.


"I'm going back to hunt, if you need me for anything else my strength and speed should be unstoppable.... I enjoy justice. I live to kill." - Nochbo Kitol

Early life

Young Nochbo

On Sanyassa, life revolved around fighting and preparing for battle. Sanyassans were knowns as a barbaric humanoid species and they worked hard at that reputation. From Birth, they were exposed to hardship after hardship and only the tough made it to adulthood. Adulthood was no easier and many Sanyassans choose the route of Marauder, a life of violence and combat. Nochbo Kitol's childhood was not very different from most, his parents were gifted Sanyassans. His father was a war chief who was an expect tactician, for a Sanyassan anyway. His mother was a tough female warrior, but had been wounded in battle and stayed home to keep up the house. Though out his Childhood, Nochbo was always coming out at the back of the pack. His dedication was there, but he lacked the physical strength of much of his fellow Sanyassans. In Sanyassan Society, those who finish last do not last long, and with that in mind, Nochbo's parents looked for a different future for him and paid a special tutor to teach him about the galaxy and to take him from planet to planet so he could learn first hand how things worked outside their tribe.

Nochbo visited Glee Anselm when he was afew standard years old, where he met a sentient named Siejo Kutol. Nochbo's parents had been aquatences a decade earlier in a weapons deal and had remained friends. Nochbo and Siejo had a good time together, even thought Nochbo had trouble understanding Basic. Siejo taught Nochbo some of the basics of the language and it lead to a life long friendship. After Nochbo left, the two kept in close contact and remained good friends. When Nochbo's homeworld of Sanyassa was in civil war, his parents sent him to stay with the Kutol family. Siejo and his younger brother taught Nochbo many things, like how to swim and how to speak Basic fluently.

After staying with the Kutols for a year, Nochbo learned of his parents death during the revolution on Sanyassa. After Nochbo learned of his parents death, he adopted his best friends last name, Kutol, only varying it slightly, since he was, after all, not a Nautolan. Nochbo left Glee Anselm shortly there after, looking to get out and be his own person, and seek revenge. Siejo didn't hear much form Nochbo for many Years.

Return with Fury

After a year of tracking who he taught was his parents killers, Nochbo learned the truth about his parents death from a human trader on the planet of Varn. His parents were killed by a man Sanyassan Marauder named Gilgor Hepathion. Gilgor had been a Lieutenant in the Revelution Army who had taken their homeworld over, and conquered Nochbo's tribe. Nochbo hurried back to his homeworld to find that Gilgor had been killed by a subordinate only afew months after Nochbo's parents had died. Without the ability to unleash his fury on those who desreved it, Nochbo went into training with other Sanyassans his age. They were much better trained, and Nochbo was whipped constantly for losing, but his fury only grew and his determination lead to him slowly climbing the ranks. By the time he reached adulthood, he was one of the best warriors of his clan, and signed up with the Marauders.

During one trip, he decided to check in on his old friend Siejo Kutol. He went to Glee Anselm to learn that they had a civil war of his own and Siejo had left to join the Corporate Alliance, a trade conglomerate based out of the Glythe Sector. Nochbo took his leave from his brethren and joined the Corporate Alliance, in search of his adopted brother. After making his way to the CA Headquarters in Amorris, Nochbo heard that Siejo had left the Alliance a few months prior, and joined the Techno Union. While contemplating what to do, the Corporate Alliance was sold by the Trade Federation to Rand Axim, who looked to change how it was run. Nochbo was not built to help run casinos, and was soon out of a job. He was dropped off on a local planet in the Sumitra sector and wished luck. It was while on this world, Nochbo found a way to contact Siejo, and took the chance. hje got ahold of his old friend and explained how he was lost, in the middle of nowhere, with no credits. He told his friend that he was going to have to resort to stealing credcards to get by soon. Siejo assured him everything was going to be ok, and arranged for his pickup.

After Nochbo reached the Glythe Sector, Siejo arranged to have one of his YT-1210’s to bring him to Valrar. Once aboard, Nochbo found the small credcard and a data card in the cockpit. In the data card were instructions on how, if he wanted to, Nochbo could join up with the Techno Union to gain some credits and experience. Nochbo liked the idea and contacted Siejos superiors about a position as a pilot. A good respectable job. Nochbo then dialed up his friends data card. Siejo, once he figured out who was paging him, answered. Nochbo had aged, growing more wrinkles on his heavy wrinkled face. His hair was bright white, standing straight on edge from every angle, and he had a huge smile on his face. Nochbo was happy to see his friend again, and smiled for the first time in a long time. They agreed to meet on Valrar in a secluded spot in one of the abandoned temples of an ancient civilization.

Nochbo Kitol

While waiting for the meet up, Nochbo was sent on a transport mission to Corellia to pick up a new recruit. This recruit, named Silas Haderach, asked Nochbo to let him pilot the ship, to get a feel. Nochbo, who hated flying anyway, agreed and went to take a nap while Silas flew to Valrar. While sleeping, Silas had going into his quarters and knocked Nochbo out, tying him up and stole the ship.

After several days of traveling, the ship stalled and it was obvious, but the tension in the air, that something was wrong for Silas. Nochbo could hear another ship dock with the YT-1210 and heard a scuffle outside his room where he was begin held captive. Suddenly the door slid open and Silas ran in, shoving a sock into his mouth. Behind Silas, the door was still open and Nochbo saw Siejo creep in. Nochbo looked at Siejo and Silas noticed this and turned swinging.

Silas Haderach

Siejo ducked under the first strike, but the second one caught him in the left side. He tumbled into the wall, dropping just in time to save his head from a hard blow. Silas was caught off guard by the Nautolans quickness. Siejo, while on the ground, knocked the hooded figures’ legs out from under him. Siejo was up in a flash, and when Silas got to his knees, was right behind him. He put his blade to the hooded figures throat, knocking down the hood revealing the green hair of the crazy creature, and ordered him to drop the weapon. Silas obliged, and then Vincent, Kutol's Droid who came in during the fighting, shocked him, rendering him unconscious and harmless. Siejo untied his friend, the embraced, then tied up the traitor.

Nochbo after being Freed

After Nochbo settled into the cockpit, Siejo jumped aboard his hauler. The two made plans for a meeting in the future, and headed their separate ways. Nochbo flew back to Valrar to take a short leave to clear his head and Siejo was recalled to Oseon to gather more raw materials for the Asteroid Building project.

While in Valrar, Nochbo met some mercenaries who need a hand. The pay was good and the job seemed easy. Nochbo let Riley Moonrigger, his superior know he needed to take an extended leave. After it was approved, Nochbo headed with his new crew off into the outer rim, chasing a large payday.

First Real Test

After several years of traveling the galaxy and making just enough credits to get by, Nochbo found himself back in Corporate Alliance Space. Siejo Kutol had taken command of the Alliance and built up an alliance with several other organizations. Nochbo joined the Corporate Alliance to support his friend and adopted brother, but did not activly work in the field. He was stationed on one of the trading stations in Dolomar and practiced daily on his combat skills with training droids provided by the Alliance.


In Year 12, when a mercenary outfit named the Hawkbats joined the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Nochbo saw an opportunity to make more credits and get more kills under his belt. He joined Hawbats and spent most of his time hunting both sentients and creatures around the Dolomar System. He started production on his first ship, a Personal Luxyr Yaght 3000, which he planned to used to become a better hunter. During one such hunt, he heard news of a sinister crime against a CIS ship manufacturer named Hoersch-Kessel Drive, Inc.‎. The organization was looted by a sentient named Brazi Viro. Brazi, a long time friend of the owner Siejo Kutol, had taken advantage of his promotion and stole roughly 500,000,000 credits worth of goods and materials from the ship manufacturer and, in return, a large bounty was placed on his head by the CIS. Using some of his Intel, Nochbo identified that Brazi was actually on a ship in Alliance space. Several Confederate ships were able to locate the ship and were able to disable it.

Brazi Viro

A boarding part was sent aboard to try to capture Brazi Viro, but the Togruta, who was barricaded in the cockpit, was able to hold them off for 3 days. Nochbo arrived on the sene on the night of the third day and took command of the Confederate contingent of Droids that were making the assault. Using some good planning and allitle luck, Nochbo broke through the door and put Brazi Viro into submission, preventing any escape.

During the next few hours, Nochbo was able to reobtain most of the looted materials from Brazi, which was a huge event for the HKDi as it allowed the production lines to keep moving. After the materials received, Nochbo, with Brazi in tow, disappeared into the Valakivir jungles. No word was heard from the Togruta again and his fate was unknown. He was presumed dead. Nochbo collected the bounty some undisclosed time later