One Nation Under Jou

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One Nation Under Jou
General Information
Motto Believe in better worlds.
Status Active
Leader Lilith Delcroix
2IC Ninian DeLayn
Headquarters Morobe
Historical Information
Formed from Tion Defence Division
Founded Year 21 Day 308
Political Information
Industry Mercenaries
Holosite One Nation Under Jou

One Nation Under Jou is an independent and neutral sovereign territory encompassing the Morobe system and a part of the Vorsia system, unified by a federal government under the Vorsian Crown. It is a socio-political union which shares and celebrates the values of one ruler, citizen rights, rule of law, common tongue, and education in social progress. All territories across the nation work together to provide education, healthcare, quality of life, personal safety and housing to all its citizens to promote prosperity and unity.


The chronicle of One Nation is a parallel history of two systems, Morobe and Vorsia, and of several companies coming together over the course of a decade.

Vorsia Companion - Year 11 Day 310

Almost ten years prior to the establishment of the One Nation, the moon Vorsia Companion was purchased by Lilith Delcroix. This began her life as a stateswoman and an aristocrat, and could be considered the earliest foundation for what would become the One Nation. Since Year 11 Vorsia Companion has been developing as an independent nation with its own unique culture.

Morobe Discovered - Year 14 Day 110

The existence of the Morobe system was confirmed in Year 14 by an independent group of entrepreneurs who surveyed the Morobe sector after leaving Imperial service and seeking to establish themselves in the galaxy on their own. Information about the system was held in secret until colonisation efforts were completed with help of Damorian Manufacturing Corporation. By the time the star charts were released to the public domain, the corporation held control over all four planets. The effort was code-named Operation Edelweiss.

Sienar Fleet Systems - Year 14 Day 233

Morobe system continued to be held by the corporation until the group of former Imperials created the second iteration of Sienar Fleet Systems, working alongside Aurora Technologies and Rim Mining Guild to develop shipbuilding infrastructure in the system, which saw an influx of colonists as new opportunities were created near the Galactic Core, offering an alternative work to the surrounding Imperial controlled sectors. The manufacturing company grew to widespread galactic recognition, being one of the few suppliers of BFF-1 Bulk Freighter and BTL-S3 Y-wing Starfighters. These products gave the company quick profit margins, generating billions of Credits in income despite being a relatively new company.

Permanent Solutions - Year 16 Day 43

With the increase of population and system traffic, it became clear the system needed organised defensive force. This led to creation of Permanent Solutions, a mercenary company that would oversee Morobe’s defences and also provide protection services to the galaxy. In Year 16 the Morobe system experienced development of military space stations and many of its shipyards shifted focus from civil vessels to warships. Under command of some of the most experienced Naval Officers the mercenaries were the foundation of One Nation’s future military.

S.W.A.T. Industries - Year 17 Day 141

When the exclusive contract with Aurora Technologies ended, the executive board of Sienar Fleet Systems decided to take a new direction and was rebranded as S.W.A.T. Industries in Year 17, producing equipment and weapons for Permanent Solutions. The manufacturing company was later closed when it was no longer needed to produce for the galactic market, limiting its operations to Morobe factories.

Tion Defence Division - Year 18 Day 318

In Year 18 Permanent Solutions negotiated a mutually beneficial merger with the Tion Hegemony. The company was assimilated into Tion’s military and became the 3rd Fleet, or better known as Tion Defence Division to the wider galaxy. The vast resources and expertise of Tion’s government under leadership of Lady Hegemon Stephanie Barefoot enabled the system’s population to grow from millions into billions and continue to prosper. During this period the Morobe system retained its relative independence by terms of the original negotiations. This partnership lasted for several years.

One Nation Under Jou - Year 21 Day 308

When Lady Hegemon announced to Tion’s High Council her intention to step down from her role as the Head of State in Year 21[1], those responsible for the initial colonisation of Morobe felt that the system was ready to be its own sovereign territory. It was mutually decided the burden of leadership would fall to Countess Lilith Delcroix by merging Morobe with the independent long-standing state of Vorsia Companion. A new governmental system was devised, combining a federal system with Vorsian’s monarchy. This hierarchical system was the most familiar to all involved, ensuring a smooth transition of power. One Nation Under Jou declared sovereignty on Day 308[2].

Celestial Heavy-Tech - Year 22 Day 106

In Year 22 the Galactic News Service announced the formation of Celestial Heavy-Tech company[3], a mining company with headquarters in Morobe. The report explained the new company was established on a partnership agreement rather than being nationalised by One Nation. The government began as a collective of enterprising individuals and this showed that it remains open to supporting pursuit of independent ventures.


Star map of One Nation.

One Nation holds sovereignty over the entire binary star system of Morobe and partial sovereignty in the Vorsia system, claiming jurisdiction over the Vorsia Companion moon and its immediate orbit. The nation does not have any protectorate territory, and has shown no attitude towards expansions beyond its current borders. One Nation maintains very few deep space outposts.

Planet Type Size Population
Moroa Temperate/breathable 10x10 72,264,618
Talasea Temperate/breathable 12x12 56,024,727
Morta Hot/no Atmosphere 6x6 26,768,873
Morabora Cold/toxic Atmosphere 13x13 6,205,999,984
Vorsia Companion Moon 3x3 24,475,759

Tor Aashrur

Main article: Morta (Tor Aashrur)

City of Tor Aashrur, located on planet Morta, is the only free port in the Morobe system. It is a popular destination for traders, smugglers and bounty hunters alike due to the system’s central galactic location and close proximity to the Combat Alley Hyperlanes.


One Nation is a federal monarchy of partially self-governing planets under a central government with a single monarch as the head of the federation. Planetary authorities enforce the law, to ensure the safety and health of citizens, and to prevent crime and civil disorder. From the federal government to the smallest local authority, all work in the sovereign's name for the benefit of the people.

The federal government was created on the basis that the monarch, acting according to the laws of the nation, is the highest power under Jou in the nation, and has supreme authority over all persons in all causes, as well ecclesiastical as civil.

The monarch has absolute authority over the nation’s written laws, legislature and customs, and cannot be compelled by the courts to be bound by them because the courts are given authority by the monarch and are created by the monarch for the protection of the nation’s citizens. However, ideologically, the monarch is still held accountable by a higher power because the nation’s shared religion provides a framework of ideals against which the monarch’s actions can be measured. The idea of absolute sovereignty is therefore disconnected from the person bearing the crown.

The Crown is also an abstract metonymic concept that represents the monarch and the legal authority for the existence of the government.


The roles of One Nation armed forces are the defence of sovereignty and protection of commerce within its borders. It is also in charge of customs. Serving members pledge allegiance to the Crown, however, in practicality the direction and use of the military is directed by the federal government and carried out by the admiralty in the monarch’s name.

When One Nation was established, the admirals used their combined experience of Imperial and Tionese Navy to devise strategy and tactics to defend the Morobe system. Focus of Vorsia Companion defence is more about preventing landing on the ground, than defending the system which is not part of their jurisdiction. For better response time the Navy has been making efforts to chart a faster hyperlane between Morobe and Vorsia systems.

CoJ h 2.png

Church of Jou

"If you can share a value, one value, you can connect with another person even if for a moment."

The Church of Jou, also known as the Vorsian Orthodoxy, originated on the moon Vorsia Companion, and is the prevalent religious organisation of One Nation Under Jou. It was spread across all of the nation’s planets to provide common ground for the new society. The primary purpose of the Church is to offer support and guidance to the people of One Nation. It is a deistic religion where Vigo Amaranalah Jou is worshiped as a divine figure but not with the belief that she would directly intervene in the lives of the Church followers or perform miracles. Prayers to Vigo Jou are mainly used for comfort and as an act of confirming one’s faith. The Church acknowledges the Force as the power that binds the galaxy together, and teaches that Vigo Jou’s divinity came from the Force.

The central narrative of the religion is the Jou’s Judgment; an event referencing Vigo Amaranalah Jou’s decision to spare Lilith Delcroix’s life when she willingly offered herself as an atonement for her sins against the Family. This is believed by the Church followers to be the catalyst which led to the formation of the Vorsian state, and in extension the One Nation. With this single decision Vigo Jou allowed Countess Lilith to influence the galaxy and create a better world for the Vorsian people. Without Jou’s mercy the Vorsia Companion would not have been uplifted from its deteriorating conditions. Countess Lilith established the Church to exalt Vigo Jou so that the Vigo’s decision was not forgotten and its importance could inspire others, believing it to be a fundamental part of Vorsian history.

The cornerstone of the Vorsian Orthodoxy is self-sacrifice, and the understanding of long lasting impact one’s actions might have. The believers are expected to have faith and follow Vigo Jou’s example towards creation of a better world, and as such the Church has more cultural than spiritual influence within One Nation. The teachings are meant to inspire shared values, to provide guidance to those that have nowhere else to go, to inspire charity and to offer common ground. Belief in a better world is an idea that many can believe in, to work together and find some connection to begin mend, heal or negotiate. The teachings also emphasise the value of honour and family, to put others above personal interests; with the ultimate goal of creating paradise worlds through common faith and social values. This behaviour is referenced by the believers as walking in Jou’s Grace.


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