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Ontares Phirr was born into wealthy middle class on the planet Kuat in the Core Worlds. Since his birth he has been raised in principles of Imperial New Order. His family gave him the best education at the most prestigious schools on his homeworld. After the end of his studies he decided to temporarily leave his homeworld seeking for adventure driven by desire to spread good reputation of his family and create his own dominium.

Ontares Phirr arrived to Genarius the capital planet of CIS on day 265 year 16 and joined the Confederate Navy. He served within 3rd Confederate Fleet located in Hevvrol Sector. After ten months of his service, during which he proved himself as iniciative, active and loyal fleet officer, he had become more and more disgruntled with inactivity and decay within the government and decided to leave confederate space. With heavy heart he left, heading to system Mechis in the Renillis Sector. There Ontares Phirr has found his new home in The Faerytail Family.

Ontares Phirr
Ontares Phirr Nemandir 2.png
Biographical Information
Race Kuati
Homeworld Kuat
House House of Phirr
Mother Leonia Phirr
Father Jarvillen Phirr
Marital Status Single
Partner ---
Siblings Margharette Phirr
Born Year -3
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 180 cm
Weight 61 Kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Political Information
Affiliation Veilhal Nomads
Rank Nemandir, Stahlmer
Prior Affiliation Confederacy of Independent Systems, The Je'daii Order

Childhood and teenage years

Ontares Phirr was born to Leonia and Jarvillen Phirr just 3 years before the outbreak of the Second Galactic Civil War. In that time his father served as a chief designer and constructionist in the Imperial Navy shipyards above Kuat. Mother Leonia was, as is a custom for women on Kuat, in charge of the House of Phirr a small and less influential aristocratic family. An insignificant one in the area of galactic politics, but very honorable one. The family of Ontares Phirr is no longer on the highlight of power. Members value never more fortune and influence, they don't refer to themselves in the royal we, instead of it they value wisdom, honor, compassion and generosity. Despite, they remained proud of their name and ancestry. With these virtues in mind young Ontares was raised not far from the Kuat City on family's manor called The Phirrion Castle. Even as a little child he has been send to the best school on planet, he passed all grades of education from the first to the highest with great success and red diploma at Kuat University. When Ontares finished his education he was only 19 years old. Jarvillen Phirr immediately found a job for Ontares, but Ontares to the surprise of all declined it. His will was to leave Kuat and went out to the galaxy. He wished to seek his own path, find a faction in galaxy, which will be close to his ideals and attitudes, where he could learn and improve, but also be valid and respected member.

Joining the Confederacy of Independent Systems

Joining the Faerytail Family

Ontares joined ranks of the Je'daii Order, a religious order and production company that belongs to the Faerytail Kingdom. As a hard working officer he quicly climed the ranks of the Order and gained trust of the royal family. Soon Ontares changed his position from Mine Management Deaprtment to the Shipbuilding Department where he could better use his natural technical skills that he that are so famous for human born on Kuat. After few months in his service, he triple the amount of ships that that factories and shipyards of the nationalised companies were able to produce. For his success as a Production Manager, he was soon tasked with the work as Sales Manager of the Faerytail Family.

The Science Feud

During year, 18 after a galactic scale scandal around GenSci Institute and Twilight Foundation and the feud between both companies, Ontares Phirr joined as a volunteer for the Twilight Foundation. Soon he got in touch with other volunteers and was one of the first of those that were able to infiltrate GenSci Institute Headquarters and successfuly retrieve valued information that helped the Foundation achieve limited success and victory against the GenSci Institute. As a reward for his service, Ontares was rewarded with one of the first BN-D0 Assassin Droids that were ever produced. The droid received a name Vernon from his new owner and since then Ontares uses him as his personal bodyguard.

End of successful career and service to the Faerytail Family

After this conflict that had galactic wide attention and impact, Ontares returned back to his service to the royal family and his numerous personal businesses. During the early year of 19, he achived to be the most successful Sales Manager in the Faerytail Kingdom as he was able to lead successfuly, apart from regular production work and sales, also faerytail dellegation to a famous trading occassion founded and organized by The Jabiim Consortium and Knights of the Fountain, the famous Swap Meet that took place on freshly explored planet of Sembla in the Outer Rim.

At one reception that was held at royal court, Ontares met a mirialan slave Aveira Dax. Although he is a noble from Kuat and she was a mere slave, they quicly found that they have a lot in common and soon fell in love. People at the royal court behaved badly to Aveira and she was often tornmented, though officialy the kingdom recognizes rights for all races. Ontares behaved differently to her and was always kind to her so one day, she offered him to run away with her from the Faerytail Kingdom and start their own private business somewhere far from the people that were harming her often. Ontares agreed and they started to prepare their escape, Aveira wished to finish a sidejob about which she kept the details secret even to Ontares.

She wished to took her revenge and secretly infiltrated a Dreadnough-class Heavy Cruiser under command of Zancar Veltree, one of the Guardians of the Fey and tried to take him as hostage and demand randsom. Unfortunately, he was able to escape her attempt and and imrisoned her aboard the ship that took serious damage an was hardly controllable from the bridge. An emergency situation was announced and the armed forces activated security protocols. Although imprisoned, she was able to send a message and ask for help Ontares. He was unable to reach her location and help her in time personally, but he contaced the King and Queen and asked for mercy for Aveira which was at the end granted, but Ontares lost all his honour and reputation because he was too much connected with her and partially helped her to perform her plan. Aveira Dax gained mercy, but few days after the Dreadnought cruiser was secured by enforcements, she died under suspicious circumstances. A medical report revealed the reason of her death as "Collapse of central nervous system caused by unknown DNA desease." Ontares didn't believed that and arrived personally to the site and examined the situation, only to find out that the offical sources were telling truth.

Mysterious mission to the Unknown Regions and start of new life

Ontares was hurted deeply and closed himself in his mind for weeks. After some time after from her death, Ontares Phirr resigned all his titles and positions in the Faerytail Kingdom and left. For next two months, he was travelling through both known galaxy and unknown regions searching for answears that could reveal why Aveira Dax died. On this advanture, he didn't took even his loyal crew that followed him everywhere and was ready to lay down their lives for him. After this long and busy two months, he reappeared, took command of his personal fleet, loyal crew and his small private company that he owns. Also another woman, named Naomi Devereaux suddenly stood at his side. Ontares contacted his close friend, Konginde Ylvia Skelgard that let him and his crew join her newly formed group, the Veilhal Nomads. Ontares received a position of Nemandir, an independent captain of his own crew and ships. Ontares also received the rank of Stahlmer, a rank that can me compared to position of recruiter among different political or military groups in the known galaxy.


[OP] Empress Vaylin

Swc-OP BL Corona-class Frigate SM.png

A Corona-class Frigate specially created for Ontares Phirr by the Falleen Naval Contracts in the shipyards in system Sedosia. The ship has some non-standard modifications like advanced security doors or imperial styled command bridge. Among the rooms of the ship visitors can find a private museum with rare trophies and artefacts, libraries, armories, storage room, security room, throne room and luxuriously equipped private chambers. Internal security is ensured with BN-D0 Assassin Droids and Tactical Droids supported by patrols of DRK-1 Droids and a squad of well trained and equiped Kuati riflemen. For external security the ship has a complement of 12 T-Wings, 6 TIE-Wings, 2 X-Ceptors, as well as 2 DX-9 Dropships and a JV-7 Shuttle for airborne operations and half a dozen espionage satellites Sysat T-24.

[OP] The Last Wish

Swc-OP BL D5-Mantis Patrol Craft SM.png

A D5 Mantis Patrol Craft owned by Ontares Phirr. This gunships serves to Ontares as one his favourite armed transport that he uses for hunting and other dangerous missions. The ship is well suitable for space combat as she offers both strong shields and hull and also strong weapons that represent a threat to even much larger ships. Inner areas hold a spacious hangar bay where a personal FC-20 Speeder bike is stored. The ship also features a small private chambers, prison cells and armoury with medical bay.

Associates and loyal servants


Praes'strinen'ti more known with his core name Stent is a male Chiss from Csilla and former officer in phalanx of Sabosen family. Praes'strinen'ti was forced to go to exile in the known galaxy because he wasn’t able to save life of woman, he was guarding and who was his secret love. His name and honour was tarnished. His steps led him to a gas giant planet Genarius, a major starport at the edge of known galaxy where he wished to start a new life, but the passenger liner witch he travelled on unfortunately crashed during landing. Praes'strinen'ti was one of few who survived.

− He was rescued by a young CIS officer from the burning wreck.The officer was no one else than Ontares Phirr. Today he serves as right hand and adjutant to Phirr and is also his loyal friend.

Swc-Yenner Phirr.png

Yenner Tarsion

A 25 year old Kuati girl born to the House of Andrim on Kuat as an illegitimate child. She was brought up by old servant of her family in poor and dangerous districts in the outskirts of Kuat City. She was heavily influenced my imperial New Order ideals and became an field agent in the Imperial Security Bureau after finishing the The Imperial College of Strategic Intelligence on Tanjay IV. As Yenner revealed true about her familly and death of her twin sister who she haven't known about, she went searching for her true family which she never known. Yenner went on planet Cularin where she wished to confront them. She has met Ontares Phirr for the first time there and after the dramatical events which happened there, the two finally felt in love. Although the couple separated soon, only a little time passed and the two met again on Harrin and promissed not to ever separate again. The couple broke up finally after few months, but they remained close friends and Yenner took a position of captain on board [OP] Quantum of Solace, a PLY-3000 Yacht that is part of his personal fleet.

Loyal servants

Sarint Torion.png

Sarint Torion

Uldrisa'rin'thali is attractive and skilled Chiss female spacer who serves as Captain of [TFF] Pride of Kuat, a luxurious yacht owned by Ontares Phirr to whom she honestly and loyally serves. Once she owned a freighter and lived as mercenary and smuggler until a criminal gang arrested her on Serroco after failed illegal trade. Fortunately CIS Navy Group was on training in that area and freed her. She got an offer to work for Phirr who was one of the CIS officers in local garrison which she subsequently accepted.

Swc-Captain Ilarim Deren SM.png

Ilarim Deren

A 35 year old Kuati male born in the Kuat City into a middle class family. The sense of duty, loyalty and patience are his biggest qualities and he is skilled tactician as well. Deren graduated at Imperial Naval Academy and served 8 years in the 1st Imperial Fleet. Firstly as a deck officer on board of an Victory-class Star Destroyer [GE] Defender of Justice and later as a captain of Corona-class Frigate [GE] Rebel Slayer. After numerous years in the Navy he decited to make a change in his life and moved to private sector. Ontares Phirr met Deren in the Asrat system where he was looking for a job. The two soon found out that they share close goals and Phirr offered him conditions he couldn't refuse. Now he serves as captain of [TFF] Faery Phirrion, a C-3 Cruiser and a flagship of Ontares Phirr.