Ord Thoden 1

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Ord Thoden 1
Moon (large).png
System Ord Thoden
Sector Dynali
Galactic Coordinates (-86, 376)
System Coordinates (14, 13)
Astrographic Entry Ord Thoden 1
Type Moon
Primary Terrain: Rock
Controlled By None
Governor None
Magistrate None
Population 187

Year 13

The moon of Ord Thoden 1 in the Ord Thoden system of the Dynali sector was loaned to Vital Enterprises by Wim Jurgen of the Old Republic for use as a HQ for the organization under the Sesar Sabas administration of VE around Year 13 Day 36.[1] The headquarters was completed 26 days later.[2] Unfortunately for Sesar, Brendak Kolto had seized on an opportunity to become the 2IC of VE and had already set his plans for a hostile takeover in motion. Eventually Brendak convinced Mr. Sabas to board his privately owned freighter and on Year 13 Day 205 Sesar Sabas was killed aboard Kolto's personal Nu-Class Attack Shuttle. After the death of Sesar, Brendak claimed ownership of Vital Enterprises and subsequently offered to sell the moon back to the Old Republic. After failing this Brendak listed the moon on Centrepoint Marketplace for a billion credits. Wim Jurgen took the matter personally as a breach of the original agreement VE had signed with the OR (under Sesar Sabas) and stated that the moon would be retaken by force at the earliest opportunity. Ultimately Lilith Delcroix would pay 555 million credits and an ATR-6 Assault Transport for the moon. [3][4]

GNS feed had this to report on the moon Year 13 Day 218: Disappointed at the lack of gubernatorial prowess shown by the ruling members of Vital Enterprises, the citizens of Ord Thoden 1 have overrun the local Government houses, and once again taken the reins of control for themselves. It is believed that this is merely the time the moon was transferred from Brendak to Lilith.


Name Coordinates Population
Devil's Playground 0, 0 Unknown
Heavenfall 1, 0 Unknown
Amaralantis 1, 1 Unknown
City of Ancients 0, 1 Unknown