Ord Vaxal Moon

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Ord Vaxal Moon
Glacier Moon.png
System Vaxal
Sector Callia
Galactic Coordinates (87, -92)
System Coordinates (11, 12)
Astrographic Entry Ord Vaxal Moon
Type Moon
Primary Terrain: Rock
Rotational Period
Orbital Period
Population 58,634 inhabitants
Controlled By Zann Consortium
Governor Zann Consortium
Magistrate Xanxus Drol
Sentient Races None

The Ord Vaxal Moon is a neutral location for visitors of the Zann Consortium controlled Vaxal System, protected as a safe zone for all persons in Zann Space from threat of harm or arrest with the exception of Zann exiles and those posing an immediate threat. Because the moon also serves as the primary sales depot for NexCore Mining Corporation public sales, this safe zone protects and encourages foreign visiting traders to buy materials while maintaining the security of the other planets from what Zann describes as "unapproved outsiders."

Visitors to the moon typically are importing or exporting cargo, materials or people, who then take Zann controlled or approved transportation to their final destination in the system, making it a port and security checkpoint for Vaxal Customs and Immigration. Despite the intense security methods, Zann has few regulations which in turn attracts many galactic commercial and industrial interests to the region. Some groups and individuals have been granted significant if not complete leeway to the requirement to stop at the port. Among freight haulers their is little doubt these free passes are part of the governments complete micromanagement of the economy, holding back undesired foreign businesses while enabling others to greater success within the planets of Vaxal.

The moon has a public Commerce Centre with galactic market access hosted by Centrepoint Space Station, other then the food and shopping in the starports their are no other amenities on the moon. As of the Year 18 Zann Census 9,831 live and work on the moon operating the 3 bustling starports and dozens of material storage silos constantly being used for customer orders of the mining company. Most residents travel to Ord Vaxal regularly due to the lack of amenities for travelers let alone residents. The moon itself was originally meant to be a temporary early material depot in the founding of Vaxal, but evolved with Vaxal itself into the most visited destination in all of Vaxal.

Locals refer to the moon as SortPort, as it was the original material receiving and distribution center for all materials Nexcore mined in Vaxal. Everything gets sorted through Ord Vaxal Moon.