Oshora IV (Planet)

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Oshora IV
Temperate breathable.png
System Oshora
Sector Tolonda
Galactic Coordinates (265, -310)
System Coordinates (8, 18)
Astrographic Entry Oshora IV
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: Glacier, Forest, Desert, Ocean, Jungle, Rock, Swamp, Volcanic
Controlled By Guardians of the Fey
Governor Faerytail Medical
Magistrate Vonar Solon
Population 2,727,440,573 inhabitants

Oshora IV is a planet in the Tolonda sector of the Outer Rim, controlled by the Guardians of the Fey and governed by Faerytail Medical.


The full history of Oshora IV has not yet been unearthed, and undoubtedly, mysteries of the past are concealed beneath the sand dunes and glaciers which blanket the surface.