Oshora Pharmacology

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Oshora Pharmacology
Oshora Pharmacology logo.png
General Information
Status Active
Leader Calex van der Plas
Owner Archduchy of Tolonda
Headquarters Oshora
Historical Information
Formed from Petrakis Medical
Founded Year 19 Day 18
Political Information
Affiliation Archduchy of Tolonda
Industry Medical Service

A subsidiary of Archduchy of Tolonda, Oshora Pharmacology supplies the entire Tolonda Sector, and galaxy at large with the needed medical supplies and medical personal.


Oshora Pharmacology was founded as Petrakis Medical by two brothers known as the Petrakis Brothers. The brothers were skilled in industry and that of medical production for quite some time. But due to a lack of resources the brothers decided it was time to cease operations. Over a short period following their decision. One of the brothers made a deal with Archduchy of Tolonda. In which he would become a leader and run their medical division. Thus the life of Oshora Pharmacology was born.

Internal Organization

Current and Past Leaders


Vice Chairman
Director of Internal Operations
Senior Pilot Senior Medic Senior Surgeon Senior Combat Medic
Pilot Medic Surgeon Combat Medic


Oshora Pharmacology Banner 19.png (Year 19)

Archduchy of Tolonda
Subsidiaries Oshora Pharmacology · Tamra Royal Excavations · Royal Engineers of Krmar
Sectors Tolonda
Branches · Royal Archduchy Military Corps · Whispered Scrollkeepers ·Grand Engineer Corp