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System Adega
Sector Auril
Galactic Coordinates (329, 225)
System Coordinates (327, 238)
Astrographic Entry [[1]]
Type temperate/breathable
Primary Terrain: forest, ocean, swamp, grassland, caves, volcanic
Rotational Period 31 standard hours [1]
Orbital Period 231 standard days [1]
Population 1,809,558,654 inhabitants
Controlled By Tresario Star Kingdom
Governor Tresario Star Kingdom
Sentient Races Human, Ysanna


Ossus before supernova

Ossus orbited the two stars of the Adega system, Adega Prime and Adega Besh. Unlike the other five planets in the system, which circled the center of mass of the two binaries, Ossus orbited both its suns in a figure-eight trajectory. Ossus has two moons: Mim, a rocky, low-gravity satellite with no atmosphere, and Nerit, a temperate terrestrial world with high gravity and a population of Neti expatriates.

Ossus was originally a lush world with two-thirds of its surface covered in water and an abundance of flora and fauna. In 3996 BCGT it was transformed with the destruction of the Cron Cluster into a desolate, irradiated desert world. Chemical and electrical storms swept the land, and little life remained on the surface. Over 4,000 years later, the damage done to the planet seemed to have been reversed. In the time of the Galactic Alliance, some portions of the planet were once again lush with vegetation and inhabited by wildlife. Within a century after this, the destruction done to Ossus was fully reversed and the planet once again teems with life.


The unusual orbit of Ossus caused some to speculate that, like the Corellian system, the Adega system was artificially designed. However, despite the diligent efforts of archaeologists, no such evidence was ever uncovered.

The planet was home to intelligent life for countless generations. Originally known as Idux, it was absorbed into Xim's empire as he expanded his borders from the Kingdom of Cron. At some time before 25,000 BCGT, a group of Jedi Knights from Tython established a school of philosophy there where the concepts of the light and dark sides of the Force were laid down. They were called the Knights of Ossus.

Around 10,000 BCGT, A group of disciples of the Knights of Ossus started experimenting with the Dark Side and turned on their fellow guardians nearly destroying the entire temple. However, the The Jedi Order based on Tython dispatched many Jedi to defeat these fallen Jedi. The Jedi were victorious but not without great loss, the temple was in great ruin and the Jedi Order's numbers were dwindling. The Jedi rebuilt the temple but banned the practice of dark side teachings and locked all dark side knowledge below in the catacombs of the temple safe from any curious students.

During the Mandalorian Wars, Ossus was raided heavily; the temple was pillaged and ancient knowledge was destroyed. When the wars ended, the Jedi barred any non-Jedi from visiting and hid the planet from the rest of the galaxy. By the time of The Clone Wars, Ossus was a legend; a story told to children. Only the most senior Jedi knew it existed to protect from outside invaders. When the Galactic Empire rose to power, Master Bodo Baas deleted all records of the planet from the Jedi archives to protect it and the knowledge within against the Sith

The Great Jedi Library

The Great Library on Ossus

Built by Odan-Urr in 4996 BCGT, the Library was a great storehouse of Jedi knowledge, containing over ten thousand works. Located on a hill in the Eocho Mountains, the Library was a large, unadorned stone building with many of its rooms located below ground. Its entrances were unbarred, as Odan-Urr did not believe in fettering any being's search for knowledge. Though it was built for Jedi purposes, the Library held information on all subjects, not simply Jedi affairs, and access was granted to any individual who wished to learn.

Most data were stored in the main building, in a labyrinthine system of shelves. Reading rooms and classrooms filled the lower levels, as well as holograms of some of the most treasured contents of the library. Four towers held relics from the four main eras of history. More dangerous artifacts were stored deep underground, in the Chamber of Antiquities. Only those with permission from the Jedi Council and Keeper of Antiquities were permitted down there.

The Library's dense construction was likely what allowed it to survive the Cron supernova. Its location was lost as Jedi Master Bodo Baas had erased it's location form the Jedi Archives to keep it hidden from the Galactic Empire. He kept it a secret, not wanting the sacred ruins to be disturbed. Eventually, he revealed the location to the new Jedi Order to help rebuild what had been destroyed almost two decades prior