Otto Kipler

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Otto Kipler
Biographical Information
Race Cerean
Homeworld Cerea
Mother Unknown
Father Ki-Arim Kipler
Spouse None
Siblings Unknown
Children None
Physical Description
Gender Male
Hair Color black
Political Information
Affiliation Trade Federation
Rank Chief Flight Sergeant
Prior Affiliation Falleen Federation

Otto Kipler was born on the planet of Cerea to a wealthy and upstanding family. His father Ki-Arim Kipler served on the Council of Elders and Otto received anything and everything that he ever wanted. Otto lived in Tecave City growing up, and was trained in all of the classical and modern practices. As customary to his race, learning was no issue to him, as his enlarged cranial region and brain made his intelligence well above average compared to humans.

Later in his life, Otto did not find the life set before him to be the one in which he wanted to follow. He found no pleasure in serving in local government as his father did; he sought adventure. He found that adventure in joining the Falleen Navy. He had no military experience or training, but he found the prospect of piloting space vessels and going into battle something riveting and worth pursuing. Upon joining as a lowly Petty Officer, Otto worked hard in all aspects of his work. Over time, he grew in his responsibilities and after five years of service to the Falleen Federation, he was promoted to Rear Admiral and given command of an entire Naval Fleet. He, eventually, was also knighted within the federation, making him quite the up and coming officer.

It was only at that time did he begin to find discontent within his current condition and posting. His dream of adventure and becoming a naval officer had come true, but the organization in which he had served no longer felt like home to him. He began to disagree with decisions of the high command, and felt that he could no longer be a part of his former command. After much thinking and anguish, Otto left the Falleen Federation and took a hiatus from the military. After almost a year, Kipler has been brought to a new and exciting place in his career; the Trade Federation...