Outland Manufacturing Corps

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Outland Manufacturing Corps
General Information
Status ACtive
Leader Jointly Lead
Owner Outland Mining Corporation
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 95
Political Information
Affiliation Outland Mining Corporation
Spectral Services Unlimited
Industry Production
Holosite U/C

Introduction to OM

Outland Manufacturing, as the name suggests, is an operation dedicated to bringing affordable items, ships, vehicles and weaponry to the citizens of the galaxy without any prior social or political discrimination. Lead jointly by Gloshk Sklone, Fuikai Mutmai, Eddie Sevilla, Gabriel Perkin and Corey Baker, OM sees a range of opinions, ideas and products thanks to the wide variety of thought that goes on between the directors.

They build a vast range of products, ranging from droids to vehicles to large freighters, all based within a factory city in Boordii.