Paraic of Argoth

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Paraic of Argoth
Paraic Portrait.png
Biographical Information
Race Devaronian
Homeworld Devaron
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.9 meters
Coloring Red skin
Political Information
Affiliation Various
Title Baron Administrator
Prior Affiliation New Anzat Order (co-founder)
Cloud City[1] (founder)
Order of H'kig[1] (founder)
Trans-Galactic Transportation

Paraic of Argoth is a Devaronian male who notably served as the first recorded Baron Administrator of Cloud City.[1] A debonair gentleman with a taste for the finer things in life, he is usually attired in a long green overcoat made of a strange but fine fabric. He travels the galaxy in a YT-1300 light freighter.


Early Career

Circa Year -1, Paraic encountered an Anzati mystic known as Dunkler Klerus. He consented to aid Klerus' quest to liberate the planet of Anzat and to attain racial self-determination for the Anazi people. Using Paraic's considerable financial resources, Klerus successfully proclaimed "a New Anzat Order" and launched a political movement that eventually became a formal government. After growing bored with the Anazi way of life, Paraic amicably parted ways with Klerus and became a freelance entrepreneur.

Just prior to Year 0, Paraic reappeared in the public eye as the first recorded Baron Administrator of Cloud City,[1] both a Tibanna gas facility and a resplendent metropolis hovering over the gas giant Bespin.[2] (Although later myths claimed that Paraic himself constructed Cloud City from scratch, he found the location in a nearly abandoned state and then won it in a high-risk Sabacc game from its mysterious proprietor named Michael.[3]) The eccentric Devaronian soon hired a motley crew to staff Cloud City including three Ugnaught tribes and Bromin Trax, a Corellian starship mechanic.[4]

Religious Callings

After concluding his first term as the Baron Administrator of Cloud City on Year 1 Day 88, Paraic decided to fulfill his deceased grandsire's vision of a benevolent society for all sentients. To this end, he established a spiritual enclave known as the Order of H'kig.[1][2] Paraic then collaborated with President Charlie of Tagge Mines to create a galactic religious council that would represent the most popular faiths in the galaxy.[2]

Almost a year later, Paraic returned to Cloud City and served a second term as Baron Administrator.[5] When he arrived at Bespin, he discovered that his beloved floating metropolis had fallen into decay. The cloudcutters were not as shiny as before. The boulevards where hundreds had once gathered were now deserted. The restaurants and casinos were now inelegant, if not dilapidated. Even the Twi'leki escorts parading themselves in front of hotel lobbies seemed haggard and worn-out. As he walked to the Baron Administrator's office, a humanoid citizen approached the Devaronian and acidly remarked that the previous Baron Administrators had neglected the city. Ignoring him, the Devaronian strode on. Upon entering his old office, he decided to assume leadership again. He walked to the communications center and announced that he had returned to restore Cloud City to its former splendor.[5]

Following many difficult months of reconstruction, Paraic finally completed what he considered to be the first phase of necessary infrastructure for Cloud City on Year 2 Day 147.[6] The very same day, holding a press conference at the exclusive resort lounge known as the Skyview Cantina, Paraic announced a complete performance review of his administrative staff. A wide-scale dismissal of various inefficient personnel followed and resulted in a number of high profile job opportunities within Cloud City.


A month later, on Year 2 Day 163, Paraic stepped down as Baron Administrator, and Lady Dyvel Price assumed ownership of Cloud City.[6] A former high-ranking Imperial noblewoman with a shadowy past, Price's sudden acquisition of Cloud City sparked rumors of a hostile takeover and concerns about whether the Empire might assume indirect control. Price explained in a holonet broadcast that citizens of the floating colony needn't worry: "This was not a hostile takeover. It was a simple change of ownership and, therefore, of management. As far as I am aware, there is no bad blood over the transaction."[6]

Paraic's overnight departure caused an uproar among Cloud City's Heads of Department as Lady Dyvel temporarily suspended their authority and revoked their access codes. In particular, Dahurgha the Hutt — the Head of Acquisitions, Trade & Diplomacy — was furious and smashed three protocol droids upon learning the news. (Ostensibly, Dahurgha had planned to succeed Paraic as Baron Administrator, and the unexpected change in ownership thwarted this ambition.) Lady Price remained calm throughout the chaotic transition and attempted to allay many fears. She later addressed the Department Heads and assured them that their status in Cloud City would not significantly change.[6]

As for Paraic's fate, investigators were unable to learn the later whereabouts of the former Baron Administrator. When questioned about Paraic's reasons for departure, his former employee Dahurgha the Hutt cryptically remarked: "I have had limited contact with Paraic" and "while he has not explained the situation entirely, I can confirm that he was neither coerced nor disintegrated."[6]


Main article: Timeline
  • Year -1 Day 335: Paraic meets Dunkler Klerus — an Anzati mystic — and, together, they establish the New Anzat Order.
  • Year 1 Day 43: As the Baron Administrator of Cloud City, Paraic opens diplomatic negotiations with Wendel Company.[7]
  • Year 1 Day 88: Paraic announces his retirement as Baron Administrator of Cloud City.[2] This concludes his first term.
  • Year 1 Day 89: Having departed Cloud City, Paraic of Argoth turns his focus to his religious enclave known as the Order of H'kig.[2]
  • Year 1 Day 337: After several months, Paraic of Argoth returns to Cloud City and serves a second term as Baron Administrator.[8]
  • Year 2 Day 163: Baron Administrator Paraic ends his second term at Cloud City. Former Imperial Admiral Dyvel Price succeeds him.[6]


Baron Administrator of Cloud City (first term)
Preceded By:
Position Created
Paraic of Argoth
Year 0Year 1 Day 88
Succeeded By:
Baron Administrator of Cloud City (second term)
Preceded By:
Paraic of Argoth
Year 1 Day 337Year 2 Day 163
Succeeded By:
Dyvel Price