Patrick Callaghan

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Patrick Robert Gallahad Callaghan
Pat Avi 1.png
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Mother Lyanna O'Neill
Father John Callaghan
Born Year -5 Day 25 (age 24)
Languages Hapan, Galactic Basic
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.96m 6'5"
Weight 95.30kg 210lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Hapes
Title Crewman
Prior Affiliation Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps
Tresario Star Kingdom

Patrick Callaghan is a Hapan male. He is the son of former Commodore John Callaghan, of the New Republic Navy. He is also the godson of Helix Falks.


Early life

Patrick Callaghan was born in Theed, the Human Capital city of Naboo to Commodore (At the time Lieutenant) John Callaghan, and Lyanna O'Neill. Both his parents were Hapan, but both of them had been raised on planets not part of the Hapes Consortium. His father had lived on Corellia for all his youth, while his mother was a native to Naboo. The two had been introduced to eachother by their mutual friend Jasper Merlyn. Patrick was the result of a few short, but very intense months..

Like his mother, he was raised on Naboo. He never got any siblings, but at age two, his mother did take in twins born to his Godparents. Over the years, as they grew up together, Patrick came to consider them to be his siblings, blood or not.

Like his father had in his youth, Patrick played a fair bit of holoball. In school, he eventually grew to become the Captain of his team. That said, Patrick loved to play other sports as well. Be it swimming with his sister, or running with his brother. If it involved physical activity, chances are that Patrick played it.

At the age of 16, he finished school. He then joined the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps, initially as a mechanic. After basic training, however, he was sent to Officer School after getting recommended for being in the top of his class. Following that, he was commissioned as a Lieutenant and went on to flight training. He loved it in the sky, and he'd give almost anything to be able to keep flying forever.

While he was 18, his sister announced her candidacy for Queen of Naboo. While for the duration of the elections, it was close, she ultimately did not win. Even a loss brought tremendous prestige to their family, however. She got a job in the Government, while a commission in the Space Fighter Corps was secured for their brother, who joined as well. Fortunately for Callum, he got assigned to Patrick's section.

At one point during a perfectly routine flight, Patrick's fighter experienced a full system failure. Despite his attempts to recover, he was forced to punch out. On landing, he broke his knee, and has had frequent pains ever since. During the investigation that followed, it was determined that the chief mechanic had been negligent in his maintenance, and was promptly court-martialed.

Not long later, Patrick got command of the Flight, and when he went on to the position of Executive Officer of the Squadron, Callum took his place as Flight Leader. It didn't last long, however. Their sister had joined the Imperial Army, and shortly after being promoted to First Lieutenant she was killed when one of her troopers had a negligent discharge while cleaning his weapon.

Callum resigned his commission and went off to become a professional drunk. Patrick followed him at the urging of his godfather, and tried to get him to come back. He cleaned up after him, but was too late in finding him as he had already been swept up by his mother's men. Following this he decided to roam the galaxy for a while, collecting the ships he had purchased, and getting all his items in one place before moving on.


Released from all of his previous obligations, Patrick decided to look into earning some money. Rather than work for his grandfather's company, Patrick became an independent contractor, taking a construction contract for Draelor Nah`utal's company, the Nah`utal Capital Group. While with this company, he completed a wide range of tasks from hauling to constructing.


Patrick briefly joined the Tresario Star Kingdom after his contract ended. He joined the Navy, but after a number of months of sitting around he decided that the faction life was not for him. At least, not right now. He promptly left the Navy and the Kingdom to strike out on his own as a freelance contractor again.

Free once again

Patrick had trouble finding any job at first. He spent months searching, but finding nowt. Eventually, however, he responded to a call from Tomas o`Cuinn who required skilled pilots to transport ships for the man. Callaghan accepted, and would spend the next several weeks in hyperspace doing his job. After this job, he took a break for a while, before deciding to join the Royal Hapan Navy.