People still like new toys to play with.

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Article posted on the Galactic News Service by Doc Jessa on Day 173 of Year 11. Article also known as Sentients still like new toys to play with.

The following message has been relayed through the communication channels of Fuzz Inc. via the realm of the Binaros Smuggling Alliance...


As long as people buy and sell, the planets keep turning. Despite the exponential inflation that grips the galaxy today, traders turn out in droves to sell their homes, their monthly salary, or tear their private fleets apart to get their hands on something new. Doc Jessa reporting for Fuzz Inc. reminding the galaxy of the various trading accomplishments that have been accomplished. Ever since the days of the Galactic Market, run by a secret conglomerate that has since disappeared into the Unknown Regions, the galaxy has thrown credits at goods to boast an unrivalled armada that'll bolster their ego higher than their competitor. Despite a mammoth war of words between the Imperial Union and all others that stand in their way, the galaxy still manages to restrain their fleets from ripping each other apart, simply resorting to political assassination as a form of a deterrent. After the closing of the Galactic Market, sentients kicked sentient-to-sentient trades into overdrive, with billions of credits worth of assets changing hands, often through trusted middlemen, to fill the void between conflicts and critiquing of political announcements.

When a humble businessman by the name of Niels Risant opened the revised Galactic Market, the galaxy resumed its reliance on a corporate identity and began pouring millions of credits into a trading system that provided sentients the new security of a traders blacklist and trusted middlemen to ensure minimal theft and other criminal activities that are now common devices throughout the galaxy today. Prosperity continued for some time until silent investors began to withdraw their support for the project without cause or reason and the galaxy was once again left to fend for themselves. While Niels Risant fled to the Unknown Regions, it was the brilliant mind of Togan Jano that sprung into action. With ownership and leadership of an already trusted trading community in his pocket, he foresaw the ability to put the words Centrepoint Market into every sentients mouth, and have it emanate throughout the galaxy as the premier trading service throughout the galaxy. Now, with continual growth in membership, and constant improvements to the trading hub, Centrepoint allows everyone, whether a sentient stricken by harsh poverty, or an Imperial Grand Moff with fleets at his disposal that has a top hat valued more than an entire star system, the ability to trade goods and services without the fear of cost, oppression or stress.

As Togan Jano enjoys a week long holiday at a paradise on Naboo, he can lie back on a beach surrounded by Twi'lek dancers and pride himself in the revenue that continues to pour through the Centrepoint phenomenon. With over three trillion credits worth of assets being traded through the hub, over 575 loyal regulars that access the Commerce Centres and hologrids of the space station everyday as an obsession, and with no end in sight, his creativity and business sense has put the marketplace leagues ahead of any other trading community. Being unable to contact Mr. Jano due to his vacation, or his second in command, Fuzz Inc. believes that his words would echo those of thanks to those around the galaxy supporting trade and commerce despite the harsh times, allowing every sentient in the galaxy the chance to trade their way from a simple personal residence all the way to their own private fleet. Anything is possible.


Despite his best efforts to encourage above the belt trading, Black Markets still surface around the galaxy on a regular basis. Previously prominent markets in the Black Sun under Dark Princess' Xya Howie and Tara Tylger provided rare goods previously unobtainable through common market, however they are now hard to come by. With recent sales by the current Black Sun regime of incredibly rare and expensive New Republic fighters and several drug sales and smuggling operations providing an occasional service, not one enterprise or criminal organization has continually provided rare and illicit products to the galaxy. As the Black Sun continues to battle the New Republic or with Eidola hoarding all the equipment they get their hands on for themselves, criminal trading has been cut off to all sentients of the galaxy. Whether this is thanks to the governments and conglomerates of the galaxy controlling merchandise, or criminal organizations fearing retribution or due to lack of stock is unanswered, but with Togan Jano's numbers, one would assume the Black Market with rage again...soon. Fuzz out.