Peter Max

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Peter Max
Petermax new3.png
Biographical Information
Race Togorian
Homeworld Mandalore
Father Tracyn Max
Children Adopted; Morth Castul, Roruk Drei, Xer`da Arman`de, Elvette Rainmark
Died Year 18 Day 349
Quote Dream and be free in spirit; fight and be free in life.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Aliit Breviin, The Death Watch
Title Overlord (Mand'alor)
Rank Aliit'buir Breviin
Prior Affiliation Rift Alliance

Peter Max was a Togorian male.


Born as a human Mandalorian and to the parents of legendary Tracyn Max, and wife. This birth in a space colony was essential to the re-formation of a once sizeable Mandalorian clan. Unfortunately, Peter Max’s parents passed away when he was five, leaving him to be raised by a mercenary group of Zabraks. At the age of 18, he left the colony for the big life: mercenary and spy work.

He was quite a prize, but after successfully and thoroughly infiltrating several governments and other organizations, he decided this wasn’t the life for him. He was seeking his clan, honor, and the pride of his people.

Throughout his years as a spy, he met many people, including Xer`da Arman`de who he adopted as a son, mainly because of his Breviin blood. He came from an extensive line of Breviin ancestors and warriors. After a next raid on a pirate base, Peter helped rescue a Kaminoan called Ni Sai, who offered her vast knowledge of cloning and cloning-related technology to him, as compensation.

The “Death Watch” was soon founded to rid Peter of anyone who would oppose the restoration of Breviin’s honor and position. The formation of this group, and its stated hostile intent towards Mandalore sparked the already high tensions and caused the self-proclaimed Mand’alor, Tyr DeMeer, to declare war on the Death Watch. Peter informed Tyr that he didn’t “have a snowman’s chance in hell” to give up his right to form an independent Mandalorian state with Breviin.

The Death Watch was later disbanded, because of a previous group’s affiliation with criminals, pirates and other lowlife scum. Although, the clan itself did take it upon themselves to continue the mission of the once-famous Death Watch, and form an independent Mandalorian state with Aliit Breviin.

Breviin then joined together with The Krath Dynasty to oppose the Mandalore government and Tyr DeMeer. The quest is continued, to this day the clan fights to create a government free from oppression and utterly self-sufficient of the Mandalore government.

The Krath Dynasty

Peter Max met a Mandalorian from Clan Arklim named Grevendar Togl who had defected the Mandalorian government in the act of Defiance against the self-proclaimed Mandalor; Max offered his assistance to the rogue Mandalorian hoping to find support to face the Mandalore government.

Grevendar Togl who had joined the Krath Dynasty invited Breviin to join him as part of their fleet.

In year 14, the Krath Dynasty engaged the Mercenary group known as the First Sun on a mission to liberate planet Derra IV from their occupation, Grevendar asked Peter to help them, this led to operation retribution by clan Breviin, Peter Max alone scored 150 enemy kills against the First Sun and the Galactic Empire.

Peter used the skills he had learned on his time as a Mercenary to infiltrate and raid the Imperial Union several times; he led operations like the capture of imperial officers and looting of Tresario Star Kingdom capital ships and resources, soon Peter was a well-known intel operations expert respected by the Krath Dynasty and their enemies.

During his period as the most prominent intel operative in the Krath Dynasty there was an event that played a crucial role in the development of his skills, the war between the Dark Star Hellions and The Dynasty; Peter Max was able to face one of the most dangerous mercenary groups by stopping and exposing a Dark Star Hellions member who had infiltrated the Dynasty, and providing crucial intelligence that avoided attacks. While Peter considered the Dark Star Hellions and later the Zann Consortium, a band of ruthless criminals he also saw their defiance and skilled operations and recognized them as honorable warriors. His effort led to a Non-Aggression Pact after the Zann Consortium looted Koros Spaceworks.

The Death Watch

In Year 15, The Breviin Crusaders accumulated enough power and resources to declare themselves autonomous and end the strategic disappearance of The Death Watch. Peter Max was proclaimed Overlord a rank that allowed the clans that to recognize him as the Mand'alor but in secrecy. Max knew that this only made him a candidate for the title since Tyr DeMeer and Kai Oryk already considered themselves as Mand'alor. However, he decided to embrace the will of the Clans that followed him and accepted the title.

The Rift Alliance

The Death Watch became one of the founder member states of a new alliance that sought to create a new resistance front against the Imperial Union, Peter Max considered the Imperial Union a threat to Mandalorian unity, during an operation against the Tresario Star Kingdom Peter found out about their plans to attack the Mandalore planet. Rift Alliance was born and with max leading the attacks against the Imperials he brought glory to the alliance, from defeating the Tresario Star Kingdom army in Derra IV to capturing the leader of the Tresarian Intelligence Bureau Mikhail Ryun and neutralizing the second in command of the Bounty Hunters Guild Ildris Elgar. But the period of glory was brief as Peter saw how weak the alliance really was, he realized that the only state fighting the Imperials was the Death Watch and other members were only concerned about their growth and development, he also noticed how decisions were affected by bureaucracy and no real action was happening due to the councils slow response. In addition to this, Peter found clues of New Republic espionage operations against the Alliance. Overlord Peter Max ordered the retreat of the Rift Alliance to focus on the New Republic threat and the Imperial union as well.

The Shadow Dominion

Peter Max saw in his former enemies the Zann Consortium a strong defiance against common enemies, ever since the Non-Aggression pact signed between the Zann Consortium and the Krath Dynasty, Death Watch and The Consortium helped each other in many occasions. In year 17 the Shadow Dominion Alliance was formed after Peter Max offered to develop it to the then Zann Consortium leader Ximaro Jix. As the first joint operation, Peter Max led an operation to capture and subsequent execution of Zann fugitiveAcelin Dominia.

Overlord of Death Watch

Peter Max was the Overlord of Death Watch, a title that was given by the clans that recognize him as Mand'alor. Max constant attempts and initiatives to unite the clans and his belief that Mandalorians should be conquerors ad, not mercenaries earned him the respect of many clans, among the clans that recognized Peter Max as Mand'alor were; Aliit Delitrox, Aliit Kal'kara, Aliit Ghost, Aliit Breviin, Aliit Varad and Aliit Beskar. Max has had many followers, some have dared to say that he had, even more, supporters than Kai Oryk.

A Warrior Spirit

Peter Max was considered a mighty and fearless warrior, having a kill count of more than 230 enemy troops; many successful arrests and successful raids earned him the respect of his followers, allies and even some enemies.

Peter Max was considered one of the most dangerous individuals in the galaxy, having earned many bounties on his head and surviving many attempts against his life. He died of a heart attack on Year 18 Day 349 throwing Death Watch into a very short civil war ending with Zann taking complete control over Death Watch and the losers being cast out as traitors.