Phoenix Foundation

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Phoenix Foundation
Phoenix Logo.jpg
General Information
Motto "We work as a family, helping all."
Status Dissolved
Leader Fulco D`Este
2IC Leo Iscander
Owner Davik Kaisho
Leo Iscander
Headquarters Chamm II
Historical Information
Founded Year 14 Day 92
Dissolved Year 15 Day 26
Political Information
Affiliation The FulCon Foundation, Aliit Gav
Industry Mining Company
Holosite Phoenix Foundation

Phoenix Foundation was created by Davik Kaisho and Leo Iscander. Its sole purpose was to bring together the sentients of the galaxy to help them navigate though the harsh confines that it can bring.

The Vision

With a vision to help all sentients of the galaxy, Davik Kaisho and Leo Iscander came together to form a group that would help others prosper. Their mission was to allow people to gather in one place, advertising for their need or want of work and educating each other on the ins and outs of the galaxy.

Board of Directors

As direct owners of Phoenix Foundation, Davik Kaisho and Leo Iscander brought together various individuals with various areas of expertise to bring their vision to life.

Director of Production

As of Year 14 Day 92, Greg Yoff became the head of production for Phoenix Foundation.

Director of Academic Affairs

At this time, Phoenix Foundation is still looking for someone to fill this spot.

Director of Logistics

As of Year 14 Day 92, Joe Catharian became the head of logistics for Phoenix Foundation. He ran most of his work as a sub-contractor, through his company Revere Courier Services[1]

Director of Media

At this time, Phoenix Foundation is still looking for someone to fill this spot.

Director of Trading

At this time, Phoenix Foundation is still looking for someone to fill this spot.

Businesses within the Foundation

The Foundation assets were put to helping the group as a whole, giving all a fair chance to create their own futures. There were various businesses that were directly linked to the Foundation.

The Phoenix Foundation

While it shared it's name with the parent organization, The Phoenix Foundation was set up for its shipping capabilities. It would sell out copies of blueprints for the various ships that it owned, while putting it's funds back into the main organization as a way to help invest into its future.

The FulCon Foundation

As sister company to The Phoenix Foundation, The FulCon Foundation mostly focused on the development of planets and owned a mining concern. It also specialized in prospecting contracts.

Sub-Contractors for the Foundation

Members in the Foundation who ran small businesses could put in tenders to take on internal Phoenix division work. They would be grouped within the divisions that best suited their individual needs. This also meant that they would get first option on all jobs that come through their Divisions.

List of Sub-Contractors


  • Rwwu.jpg (Year 14)