Pholomon Sol

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Pholomon Sol
Biographical Information
Race Anzati
Died Before Year 11 Day 132
Physical Description
Gender Male
Political Information
Affiliation Heirs of Ziost


Year 11 Day 132

Ku`Bakai climbed the steps of the temple in Tolsaunarth Cirhd. His feet were heavy with the events of the past few days. He had just visited the Temple after checking out Gwazi Magnum's report of a strange ship around the city two weeks after the kidnappings. He had hoped the will of the Force would bring his lost comrades home. He had been accompanied by his bodyguards at the time and even R5 had entered the temple which he normally considered creepy.

This occasion was sadder. There was no hope for the Lost One now, his slide to the Dark Side was complete. There would be no salvation for him now. He had taken the brothers and after an almost 3 week ordeal slain them in cold blood, all but two. Brother Lorien and Brother Jin had been put out at Amorris. That had been the will of the Force. So there was joy in the two saved Brothers who would arrive shortly in system.

Ku'Bakai eyed his guards this time. They had taken up positions. For the first time most of his guards where present. Over a score of highly trained brawlers, melee combat specialist, heavy weapons specialist, scouts and rifleman from a dozen or more species though Kubaz were more common than other races. Off to one corner was a small troupe of droids to witness the events. His trusty R5 that Brother Ta had given him, as well as some new acquisitions. A MD droid, A FX droid, an R1 and a DD droid. They were on hand in case any of the crowd got faint.

It was a cold day on Tolsaunarth, of course that was nothing unsual for the frozen world. Only the gand such as Lord Sadow seemed to breathe the air comfortably.

Ku'Bakai moved to the temple fire and threw in a stone to start the ceremony.

He cleared his throat and began to speak at this the first of the many funerals to be held in the coming days. Then calmly begins to tale with some earnest pride in Brother Sol about their times together.

"I was the one who picked up Pholomon Sol when he arrived on Romus to join our group. I took him into orbit and got him into a Y-Wing Longprobe. He was a quick learner, eager to serve and help others. He was a good humored man, even in his introduction. He ended the introduction by saying "If you have no idea what I'm talking about, confusion can be yet another tool!"

He was no sooner in the corporation than he was at work. His first mission was to retrieve Sister Winter and her freighter. We were not sure if she had survived at that point and wanted him to check her out. He arrived in deepspace using a longprobe I carried him to. There he boarded YT 1210-3. He found Sister Winter in a deep trance. He did not wake her fearing it would do damage but brought her and the ship back to Entrus.

In Entrus he switched to YT 1210-4 so that Master Sadow could move Sister Winter to safety. Where Master Sadow hid her I do not know, but no doubt it was the will of the Force as she would survive the future lost ones rampages.

He had a short layaway and enjoyed a drink at the bar. His favorite drink was a Green Galaxy. This was around the time I accidentally mixed up everyone's starship keys leaving many not able to pilot their ships. As such the bar was pretty full. Myl Lorien was there, Jotuun Carus was there, Bernardo Gui was serving up drinks, and Lord Sadow was there as well. Valek Press would arrive a bit late to the affair.

Once I'd sorted out his ship assignment he immediately took up another mission to pick up another recruit to the corporation Matt Shack. Brother Shack had actually joined Heirs of Ziost about two weeks prior but had missed his first pick up flight. After he picked up Brother Shack they both proceeded to Utapau, where they were tested for the force.

Brother Sol was found to possess the ability to use the force. It was a matter of pride in the corporation that day and for a few days thereafter. Brother Shack was not with the force at this time.

The two then journeyed on to Entrus.

Here they would take a sabbatical that they could contemplate the ways of the force, one to learn what he could do, the other to gain insight into it. They did most of this soul searching abourd the Arkanian Emerald. It is here that the Lost One found them and decided to act his betrayal. He arrested Brother Sol and Brother Shack together as they studied. Brother Stuart also aboard studying on mining techniques heard the ruckus according to ship computers and attemped to intervene. He was no match either for the Gand who subdued them all three through deception and trickery.

From here the Lost One first took them to Kubindi, tried to barter with the Viceroy there who would not hear of it being a long time ally of Lord Sadow. From thence they were carried to Amorris. With men on the way to save them. Here the Lost One placed out Brother Jin and Brother Lorien for reasons we cannot know save that it be the will of the Force. Then after he had entered hyperspace again the Lost One took the lives of his remaining captives. We know that they have joined the force, and are now one with it.

We commemorate thy spirit Brother Sol. Thou shalt be remembered and thy deeds remembered. A new city shall be established upon Romus and it shall bear your name, Pholomon Cirhd. It shall be a defensive city to protect it from the wars that come. May the Force always be with you!"

Ku'Bakai then moved away from the fire having delivered his words moving near Lirri and Duke as well as a rather large Gamorrean. He stands then quietly looking into the fire for the next to speak.


  • Pholomon Cirhd: (Galactic City ID: 67284) Pholomon Cirhd was built however due to the changing nature of the galaxy it was not built on Romus nor was it built as a defensive city. Instead it was built on the world of Valrar. Built as an industrial and distribution center in the southern part of the galaxy.
  • Pholomon's Light: (Galactic Ship ID: 240788) A Simiyiar Light Freighter Ku`Bakai Roche purchased upon Xo III. This light freighter has seen use by Aratech in hauling both vehicles and equipment around the Xo System. Ku`Bakai Roche would pass this ship to Ryn Man in late Year 13
  • Pholomon's Light II: (Galactic Ship ID: 232723) A Simiyiar Light Freighter Ku`Bakai Roche won off the Galactic Market in late Year 13. Originally named Synndy he renamed it Pholomon's Light II, in honor of his fallen comrade and in preparation to give Pholomon's Light to Ryn Man.
  • Pholomon's Light: (Galactic Ship ID: Unknown) This was originally a Action VI Transport in the Heirs of Ziost fleet. It was loaned to Ku`Bakai Roche for a short time after the dissolution of Heirs of Ziost by Aidon Sadow and served in Trax Sector Vehicles during that time. It was previously known as the Arkanian Emerald when it served Heirs of Ziost. It is the ship Pholomon Sol, Edward Stuart and Matt Shack were arrested on in a foul act of betrayal. The ship was later sold by Aidon Sadow to unknown interest and subsequently renamed again. Aidon had offered it to Ku`Bakai but Ku didn't have the credits at the time.