Picket Fleet

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Picket Fleet
General Information
Status Active
Leader Paparrin
2IC Alex Truman
Owner Paparrin
Historical Information
Founded Year 12 Day 236
Dissolved Year 12 Day 295
Political Information
Affiliation Corporate Sector Authority (Years 5-10)
Industry Paramilitary, Security
Holosite Picket Fleet

The Picket Fleet was a short-lived paramilitary organization led by Paparrin and Alex Truman. The organization was a spiritual successor to the defunct Corporate Sector Authority that was overthrown by Moff Orphaea Imperium of the Galactic Empire circa Year 10.


The Picket Fleet was once part of the Corporate Sector's Security Division, and as such, its primary role was policing against non-military opponents. It was organized to take on smugglers and pirates, and to support the suppression of planetary unrest, and the ships it used reflected this mission. Today it 's the only organization which remained loyal to the Direx Board and it seeks to violate and invade the sector, and to ultimately recover it from the tyranny of the evil empire.

At this point it is believed to have no significant fleet or any valuable resources, but the drive to do the task is large. Disarray, chaos, desperation, and a lawless state reigns; they hopelessly believe support will come against this superior foe. Smell of death running through its halls has become the norm.

Politics are non-existent, it is rumored to simply be organized into a fleet with four commanders, one for each region of the sector that they will oversee once the task is complete. If they managed to become this notable then perhaps not all hope is lost...

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