Qenran Laevis

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Qenran Laevis
Biographical Information
Race Falleen
Homeworld Falleen Prime
Mother Sarenza Bonverte
Father Cenrick Laevis
Spouse none
Born Year -25 Day 6
Died /
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 1.80m, 5'10"
Coloring Yellow-Green
Eye Color Green
Political Information
Affiliation Falleen Federation
Cryomed Laboratories
Rank F-2 Dean of Medicine
Prior Affiliation Leader of Falleen Medical Contracts
Co-creator and leader of FMC Cybernetics Unit

Cryomed Laboratories

Awards Falleen Federation: Order of the Noblest Rukhar

Early life

Born as son of Cenrick Laevis and Sarenza Bonverte, Qenran grew up in one of the largest cities located on Falleen Prime. The financial status of his parents made his childhood easier than many other Falleen children. His parents wealth made sure that Qenran benefited of better education, nicer clothing and the attainment of a hearty appetite for exquisite foods. Qenran’s parents had noticed Qenran’s healthy curiosity at an early age, seeing how he was interested in most books the Laevis’ had on their shelf. When he was at a right age to go to elementary school, his parents saw his interest in the natural world growing. They would often take him to a nearby forest, where the little Qenran could catch insects, looking at the aquatic life in temporary pools and just being astounded of the floral and botanic diversity. He was able to skip one of the early years of elementary school, surpassing his fellow students at a quick pace. Reaching the age of eleven, he was ready to go to attend high school. His parents picked a school with the best science education that was near enough. No galactic credit was too much for their only son. He was quickly able to choose a direction: Science and Social science with a biology specialization, an education that would take 8 years.

Qenran finished his high school career with high recommendations. It was at the end of this year that his father contracted spore sickness. Cenrick Laevis was at that time a famed biologist, renowned for his papers on different kinds of fungi across the galaxy. When angling to surface the planet of Drongar, the planet where they would have been researching the diversity of fungi on the planet, the crew’s pilot miscalculated their atmospheric entrance, busting one of the ventilation systems. Cenrick, whose father had been a mechanic in his early years, was able to fix the malfunctioning ventilation port, but had been too close to the source where the spores, native to the planet of Drongar, had been entering the ship. A small amount of spores were able to enter his lounges, causing his metabolic system to go crazy. Mammalian species often die of the disease, as their blood temperature boils them in their own body fluids. Cenrick’s lungs, being [Falleen], just started to try and reject the spores, breaking down parts of his lounges. Cenrick’s crew was able to find a doctor on the surface, but the damage had already been done. The famed biologist was to on a breathing apparatus for the rest of his life, as he only had 15% of his lung capacity left. He also was subjugated to many drastic surgeries, draining the families funds and wealth. Qenran’s parents however still insisted he’d finish his scholar career, having him join one of the galactic science universities.

His first university degree was in galactic biology – specialization entemology, but his career continued. After his first six years at the university, he went out to another university to study “Anthropology and Galactic species interactions”. This was another six years course. As funds at home had been diminishing, it only felt right to Qenran to start raising money of his own, finding himself quickly working for a research firm, where he would do the most menial tasks. He finished his last university career at the age of 31. Returning to Falleen, he felt nostalgic, wanted to see and learn more, like his father had done before him. His father had been stable at that time, as he had found an more compact breathing apparatus, with which he was still able to be out and about. Qenran’s father was able to whip up the possibility for Qenran to scout nearby planets for new species, along with Qenrick’s old crew. These expeditions ran up to 10 years with Qenran finally returning at the age of 41 and having identified 76 new arthropod species, along with his colleagues. In these 10 years, he had stumbled into trouble way to many times: pirates, mercenaries, regular bandits, and he thought it was time for him to learn and defend himself. He signed up for a local military education center, only to graduate as a lieutenant 6 years afterwards at year 16, day 36. He quickly started looking for a new job and a new direction to his life.

Joining the Falleen Federation

Qenran joined the Falleen Federation on day 54 of year 16. It was only two weeks later that he had already finished his time at the academy. He was instructed by Instructor Ryurik Van D`Arc, a proud and strict man, one of the people Qenran would soon start to look up to. Ryurik also convinced Qenran to join Falleen Medical Contracts, the crown medical corporation of the Falleen Federation. He immediately felt at home, because of his immediate interest in the workings of many of the medical appliances and applications. After a while, he became more and more in love with the production part of his new faction. He started tinkering around with cybernetic implants and was sent out on an internship at CryoMed Laboratories. It was here that he learned about the refining of Alazhi into Bacta and the production of medical supplies and appliances.

He returned to Falleen Medical Contracts three weeks after, knowing all of the info available at Cryomed and he was ready to teach and produce on his own.

Leading Falleen Medical Contracts

After the death of his old mentor and friend, Ryurik Van D`Arc, Qenran was chosen to take the place of 1st in command or Surgeon-General at Falleen Medical Contracts. He lead the faction as a leader, a collegue, much to the satisfaction of the newer members.

Becoming a member of the Order of the Noblest Rukhar

On Year 17 day 217, Qenran was allowed into the Order of the Noblest Rukhar

Cryomed Laboratories

On Year 17 day 338, Qenran was appointed Leader of Cryomed Laboratories