Quora Preves

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Quora Preves
Biographical Information
Race Hapan
Homeworld Vorsia Companion
Mother Farah Preves
Father Jor Preves
Siblings Doran Preves
Born Year -10, Day 173
Died Year 14, Day 184
Physical Description
Gender Female
Political Information
Prior Affiliation
  • Sharrad Academy de Vorsia
  • Angel Falls Rehabilitation Facility

Quora Preves was a Hapan female born on Vorsia Companion. Born into a well off family, she received an exceptional education and was groomed for a life of luxury, but decided to spend her time sprawling through the underbelly of the city. Having never left, she never owned a personal vessel but inherited a number of properties around the planet from her parents. With a keen interest in journalism and investigative reporting, Quora regularly followed her targets from a distance, analysing their motions and movements before publishing an incriminating story or biography about the target's endeavours. While sometimes callous and unforgiving in her reporting, she was a very kind-hearted individual, regularly donating to various charities around the planet, and volunteering at the Dark Skies Gearworks capital building to help with the growing economy of the planet under the governorship of Forgemaster Lilith Delcroix. While friendly in her nature, regularly provided assistance to the close friends she cared for, it inevitably came back to haunt her as a friendship with Tex Navos saw her used as leverage, and executed by Rass Volkov, a Alderaanian criminal and former ally of Tex aboard the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship Phalanx.

Privilege and Prosperity

The Birthing Process

Born to parents Farah and Jor Preves, Quora was the youngest in the family, born two years later than brother Doran. While Doran was being groomed for a life of military service within the Inner Regions of space, Quora was being taught on how to be a lady, to one day become the mistress of a prominent figure within galactic society. Before even learning to walk she was being taught the basics of human nature. Just as she took her first steps she was reciting prose from literature, which helped her excel throughout her years of education. Throughout her teenage years the family boarded Quora within the city of Sharrad, at the Sharrad Academy de Vorsia, the education hub of the planet. Being away from her family was of little concern to her as her priorities were those of learning, allowing her to concentrate without further burden made things easier for her. When class was adjourned, Quora spent a great deal of her spare time at the Ivory Tower temple, learning the history of the planet. While her parents had raised her as an Atheist, to appreciate all religions and beliefs, Quora felt a connection with the ideals held by the Church of Reansucru. She didn't devote herself like a religious fanatic, she studies the teachings and analysed the ideals intensely to help make her a better person, someone who could enhance both her personal and professional relationships with such teachings.

With her religious ideals growing with each session, Quora was graduating at the top her class, showing a keen interest in writing and journalism. When holidays came and went, majority of her classmates and friends would travel off world to relax and get away from Vorsia, but Quora decided to remain, not showing an interest in travel, instead deciding to work on her hobbies, posting a variety of articles throughout local publications and galactic newsfeeds. While the reporting was initially rudimentary, as she continued to practice and hone her craft, readers soon followed. Returning to her parents back at the Angel Falls city for her sixteenth birthday weekend, Quora was shattered when news of her bother's death in combat came through a private holocommunication. Reports were hard to confirm, with information being scarce and unreliable, but reaching out a number of contacts she had managed to nurture,

Quora distraught and exhausted as she hunts for information.

Quora learnt that while on a military escort for the Exiled Rangers his squadron was raided by a local militant force, that destroyed all accompanying fighter wings. Having understood that Doran had only recently completed his basic evaluation, she raised the question as to why he was part of a military escort during this period, to which he received no comment or response. With her birthday ruined and her brother gone, Quora withdrew herself from all education prospects for a year to mourn and get her life back on track.

Turning a Corner

With her brother gone, Quora felt her seventeen birthday come and go with a sense of calm. She neither happy or sad, nor would she be for the rest of her life as the thought of celebration would be continually drowned out by the feelings of loss. Returning to Sharrad, she resumed her education in a somewhat uncomfortable manner. While she had witness her friends move on a level to their final years of study, Quora now found herself behind, having to make new friends and relationships while keep up her studies. Because of this, her grades suffered for the first half of the year, keeping her within the pack, failing to excel in any area as her mind remained distracted. Taking a number of anti-depressants, Quora still found herself unable to concentrate for long periods of time or invest herself in anything substantial due to thoughts of her brother festering in her brain. As her grades failed to improve in the second half of the year, she began to spend time with more troubled members of the age group. People that introduced her to various forms of narcotics and alcohol and while they gave her the high and happiness she was looking for, it only plunged her deeper into depression when the effects wore off. Despite the depression, she pursued the high with great interest, doing whatever she could to prolong the experiences. Her efforts to procure a score saw her enter into a number of sexual relationships. Having used her assigned allowance that her parents sent her at the beginning of each teaching period, she resorting to selling her body to pay for the debts. While she got some pleasure out of the experience given her naivety and inexperience, she would do anything she could to get high.

As the school year concluded and her grades as slipped closer to the bottom of the class than to the top, Quora's parents became increasingly concerned. Her physical exterior was strained, and her body showed obvious signs of drug and alcohol abuse. Distraught at what their daughter had become, they enrolled her in a summer recovery program before the commencement of her final year in order to get her over the loss of her brother, and off the various dependant drug substances she had infected her body with. For many nights as the withdrawals kicked in, Quora could barely sleep. Her body pulsed and spasmed across the hard bed in the facility as she screamed and moaned in pain from the lack of a high. Sweat poured down her forehead and her hands twitched uncontrollably as she scratched her hands across the walls, desperate for a fix. As the nights came and went, her dependancy began to lower, and she began to finally sleep. Her wounds started healing and her attention to sessions at the Angel Falls Rehabilitation Facility, allowing her express her true feelings about loss, and her experiences as to what she had gone through. As the summer concluded, Quora returned to Sharrad to complete her final year at the Academy, where her grades returned to an optimal level which saw her complete her education degree and graduate at the top of her class which she belonged.

Stage Two of the Life Cycle

Out of School

With her education complete, Quora decided to pursue her hobbies in a professional manner. Using what money she could get from her parents, she purchased some surveillance and recording equipment, before beginning work as a private investigator.

Quora investigates a lead for her client.

While her initial tasks were simple and rudimentary as she found her feet, her reputation began to grow as her produced reports were proven to be both reliable and of high quality. Over the next four years she travelled around Vorsia following up leads and investigations, assisting both police and political campaigns when necessary to help her grow her own portfolio as well as her own personal finances. On her twenty-third birthday, she was given a number of properties by her parents throughout the various cities to help with her growing enterprise. Her client list was growing and she needed a several hubs to correlate evidence and prepare briefs and articles, without the discomfort of living out of home. The most prominent property was back at Sharrad, which Quora used as much as she could. While the city brought back a number of old wounds and memories, she was able to push them aside given her time in rehabilitation and concentrate on a high profile investigation. As Lilith Delcroix had taken control of the moon officially from Black Sun operatives, the planet had undergone some change. Quora gave a large amount of her income to local charities during the transition as poverty was being combated by the new ruling body. Using her resources, she was able to help dismantle a number of criminal enterprises by revealing through surveillance, a number of undercover criminals embedded within local business. As crime quickly dropped, Quora saw the world change, and found herself putting her journalism on hold and volunteering within Dark Skies Gearworks out of Sharrad.

Going where she was needed, Quora was dispatched to the capital, Bloodthrone City, where she helped oversee a new internship program for aspiring journalists and writers. Occupying her time, giving her no chance to indulge her personal prospects, she held off on taking new contracts while she helped trained the newest crop of Vorsian talent. When she wasn't teaching, she found herself at one of the various taverns, having a casual drink to relax. While she had a previous history with alcoholic and narcotic substances, she was able to indulge from time to time and enjoy life. One evening while indulging a quiet drink in the nearby city of Angel Falls, she witnessed a member of Dark Skies Gearworks partake in a fight with several other patrons. While she came off the winner and easily subdued her various attackers, it was obvious she was on the far side of a bender with drugs and alcohol. Soon after the woman passed out in a booth beside Quora. Throwing the woman's arm over her shoulder, Quora guided her home to give her a good night's sleep and a chance to sober up. The following day, the woman introduced herself as Tex Navos, with a strong hangover and a bruised hand. They stayed together for the day and Quora explained her history with drugs and alcohol and what it could do. While Tex shrugged most of the talk off, she enjoyed Quora's company, and as the day progressed, they soon found themselves frolicking in Quora's bedroom. After the pleasure of their unbelievable encounter, Quora encouraged Tex to keep in touch, whether for personal pleasure or help, before she went on her way back to the capital building on Vorsia. Upon bidding farewell, Quora returned to her teaching of the students in Bloodthrone City.

Several graduated, several pursued other ventures, for the most part the experience was a promising one, but Quora decided to stay in the commercial hub of Angel Falls and resume her investigative duties. With her office still in place and her contacts still willing to share information, Quora found herself back in familiar territory, reporting and investigation where she belonged, still feeding information to the local government and Dark Skies Gearworks where appropriate.

Curtain Call

Quora had grown close to Tex. She had aided and assisted her throughout her various struggles, bringing her back from the brink to a state of bliss by providing rudimentary medical care and a warm bed to take her mind off the pain. While Tex travelled the galaxy on operations for Dark Skies Gearworks, Quora remained within Angel Falls to continue her work. While she wandered through the many local markets and invested in philanthropic ventures, she began to grow in stature both financially and socially, becoming a known face around the city. After a press conference for a local initiative, Quora undertook her usual walk back to her private QH-7 LAVr Chariot. As she approached the rear of the speeder to analyse the engines, she was struck from behind and knocked head first into the speeder, knocking her unconscious. Dropping in and out in a fuzzy haze, she felt herself being dragged through a dark alley towards the starport, but was unable to scream for aide as her wounds had temporarily paralysed her vocal chords. As she awoke tied to a chair, she was greeted by a lone Kaleesh who said nothing. Positioning some weapons while the holofeed captured a still image, the Kaleesh then ignited a blow torch and unsheathed a combat knife, senselessly attacking the innocent Quora as she wept and screamed from the immeasurable pain.

For what seemed like an eternity, Quora was sliced by the blade and burnt by the torch, kept consciousness by high pitched screeches that erupted throughout the room and regular dunking of her head in water to keep her eyes open. As the door became ajar momentarily, her Kaleesh attacker was called away, finally giving her a moment of peace from within the hell that she found herself in. Her head resting in her lap, she tried to catch her breath as the pain ripped through her nerve endings uncontrollably. With her face burnt across one side and blood dripping from her various open wounds and abrasions, Quora simply closed her eyes and drifted in and out of consciousness while she waited for the next stage or her saga to unfold. As minutes past, another figure was brought into the room and placed opposite Quora, no one other than Tex Navos. As Tex tried to understand the extent of Quora's injuries, Quora simply lay there motionless as any moment caused sheer agony. As the main cell door opened, another Kaleesh entered along with her previous attacker and received a barrage of profanity from Tex and Quora struggled to stay alive. Without question or explanation, one Kaleesh unsheathed a vibroblade and swiftly implanted it under Quora's left breast. Arching her back and opening her eyes abruptly, she struggled in the chair she was summarily shackled to, wincing from the pain and she tried to catch whatever breath she could. As her lungs began to fill with blood from the wound, she gasped for more air that would not reach her lungs. As Tex begged for forgiveness from her dying friend, Quora began to feel the clutch of darkness take hold of her senses, and as her neck muscles relaxed, her head fell into her lap as her body gave up the fight, and resigned to its fate of death aboard the Lictor-class Dungeon Ship.